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I know I like the new Panda pokemon more than the starters lol

I can only assume he will evolve at least once, and since they call him the "Naughty" pokemon, I think he will end up being Fighting/Dark in his last form

Because you know, Naughty = Dark and also, Dark moves like Sucker punch = Naughty

Him vs. these things? Pffft.

This feels like gen 1 all over again. Where technically there was 4 starters and you're jealous that you didn't get to just pick the Pikachu and it was narrowed down to 3. It's like that all over again lol

Hopefully this thing is available in random grass really early on in the game, like before the 1st gym even.

Who feels the same?

I also think this thing is cute/cool enough to take a major role in the anime, had he been invented instead of Pikachu at the start I'm pretty sure he would have been the "face" of Pokemon instead.
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