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Kingsley Barajas
Of Colours and Mayhem
Part 02

Theme: Moonsetter

Your name is Kingsley Barajas. And you, like every other teenager around, have a variety of INTERESTS, which you as of now cannot remember, due to the fact you're currently asleep. And just like it happens with people that are sleeping, it's about time for a very convenient and rather unnecessary dream sequence!

A series of pictures begins unfolding. First one showing up depicts a young and overall happy couple in a vast grassland. Between them is a little boy and a Ponyta. It just so happen that this boy is you. This day you remember it with fondness. It was the day you received Ponyta, and your parents went to the nearest grassland for you to gallop in her. You were especially happy because of this...

Next up is the image of a young girl. Her long, black hair being held by a pink ribbon of sorts. Her round face only outclassed by her beautiful, blue eyes and gorgeous smile. You cannot help but whispers this lass's name, "Bree" is the only word your mouth can emit at the moment. I don't if you've noticed, dude, but you are passing the hell out right now. And there wasn't any booze involved! Booze is good, kids! No wait... booze is bad, unless it's free, then bob's your uncle. Only you can stop forest fires!

...God damnit. You suck at giving people positive messages, y'know?

Let's just... get back to this goddamn dream, okay? Thanks. The image of this beautiful girl that somehow reminded you of alcohol vanishes... And instead, a happy memory of the first time Team Mayhem Maxima was formed shows up. Look at all those smiley faces.

:) :) :) :) :) :)

For some reason you all lok like stalkers smiling sideways... Anyways. As you examine the picture with joy... You notice something odd. Dyonisse is fading from the picture... Then GlimmHorn. Before you realize it, everyone except Maxinne is gone. What does this mean? Why did they vanish? Why is Maxinne so sad right now?

Your dream sequence stops. And you find yourself fully awake in the fields. You barely remember anything of your dream. But you know what's gonna happen next... It has to do with booze... That much is certain...


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