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    Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
    Yup it's as diverse as add in tropical forests and it'll actually become more diverse! I love that it's diverse, Sinnoh and Unova sadly weren't very diverse imo.
    I wonder if in this region we may ride on a boat in the water ways...
    Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
    Agreed. That's one of the reasons I found Unova so boring, it was town, grass, town, grass, town,grass, cave, town, grass, cave, ect. I hope we get to actually climb up the mountain like with Mount Coronet in Sinnoh, that was one of the highlights of that game for me.

    I'm wondering if everyone played the same Gen 3 games. Hoenn was Half water half grassland with a little topping of sand and mountain. Hoenn was not that diverse at all. It followed Kanto fairly well. First City into a second city, Third city After a forest, Third City near a small mountain range. Fourth City near the ocean (Cerulean was near a cape that overlooked the ocean and Dewford was a small island), Fourth City was a port. For more than half of Hoenn you are on grass routes with a few caves. Something that is in every game. Only thing that set Hoenn off from the others was the Volcano and Ash field which hasn't really been used since Gen 3. Other than that which doesn't add more diversity than the others, Hoenn was no more diverse than Sinnoh or Johto or Unova. There were plenty of non-modern places all over Unova. The games get more diverse as the generations trot on.

    Sinnoh was a large mixture of water, Grass, Mountian, topped with a little bit of Snow on the top.

    Kalos IS the most diverse, more diverse than any region before. Its going to have very similar quirks to older regions as is tradition, but it has the most Biomes that I can see on the map.

    I do wonder why Kalos Region is star shaped though. Looks as if its going to force us through one main path just like Unova did.
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