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Krieg the Psycho is out today!

I'm currently level 2 with him. :)

@OokamiReki: The site with the sale was Gamersgate, but it was a 24 hour deal. I saw the sale on the official Borderlands forum, so I'll let you know if anyone else ever posts some good discounts.

I found two purples in the chest after Captain Flynt today. Yeah, I have noticed that drop rates improved overall. I only found one purple when looting the Leviathan's chest today. Real bummer. I expected a legendary-pearlescent again. :/

@Miss Doronjo: Awesome! Well, as tempting at it is to go Rambo on crowds, it's best to take cover whenever your shield is depleted. I like being a little cautious (I hate dying and losing my monies!). Some of my favorite guns in the beginning were Torgue assault rifles, Maliwan's sub machine gun's, and Vladof pistols (TMP or Anarchist). Of course, try out anything that you find. Try using purple and blue weapons, even if they're like 4 levels under your level. You can use green weapons for like, 3 levels. You're always "growing out" of your weapons, so be sure to update your gear every couple of levels. White weapons have the lowest-rolled stats. Only use white weapons if you don't have a lot of gear. Sell them for quick cash.

Use this website to find all of the golden keys if you don't want to follow the social media necessarily:

@RxErick: What do you mean by VAC? There's no 100% method of finding out a Pokemon is the real deal. There are ways to weed out the bad hacks, though. This is the guide I sometimes look at to figure out when I have a hacked item.
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