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    Caroline had risen early again today, though this time not by choice. She'd woken up to the sounds of a spunky young trainer shouting, trying to get the best of her by challenging her at around 4:30 in the morning. His plan backfired promptly; Tyranitar needed no warmup for a battle, and managed to knock out four of the kid's Pokemon before he learned his lesson and ran off. Thus began another lovely morning. She hopped onto Zebstrika and made her way out of the woods. She'd miss the cover of trees, but there were way too many trainers crowding the forests. Perhaps it'd be a bit safer out in the open, where traps and sneak attacks were much less likely.

    Needless to say, Caroline was very glad she'd decided to keep her team inside their Pokeballs while sleeping. It'd be terribly easy to pick off a sleeping Pokemon. Even so, in the future, she'd need to take extra precaution. These trainers weren't above using dirty tricks like ambush. It seemed extremely foolish to her, in retrospect. If this were a simple elimination-based tournament, with no losses sans the missed opportunity of victory, she'd be picking fights left and right with the rest of 'em. However, under these circumstances, such aggressive tactics were bound to result in tragedy. It was strange: for once, Caroline found herself taking a very passive role. She would not go out of her way to start a fight here, but if prompted she'd gladly finish one. Initially she had planned to be more combative, but the reality of the situation was quick to settle in. Her Pokemon added up to years worth of blood, sweat, and tears. Each was a prized fighter, measured in raw skill and effort. But, more than that, they were her only companions. Any loss would be devestating. And, as foolish and frail as most of her opponents were in her eyes, she had no real desire to inflict the same loss upon any of them. Though she felt no guilt destroying opponents in battle when they asked for it (she'd battled about fifteen yesterday, and completely eliminated a total of six), she would be sure to slip in a snide yet surprisingly compassionate offer - something along the lines of: "Sure ya' wanna keep this up? My Pokemon can go all day. Yours're lookin pretty shabby, sorry to say. How 'bout we call it quits here?"

    Some took her up on it and left with their remaining dignity and Pokemon. Others laughed at the suggestion, only to regret it when their sixth party member went down. Maybe it was futile. After all, there could only be one winner. By extention, every single Pokemon on the island was screwed, sans the top trainer's six, and that's assuming whoever he is manages to keep all six intact. But all the same Caroline was stuck with a moral dilemma. She was a ruthless trainer, yes, but a fair one, and felt that there was no pride to be gained in beating down an unwilling foe. Not to mention, she had a creeping suspicion that this whole tournament structure wasn't so inescapable after all. This Concello guy had to be lurking around somewhere behind the scenes, and perhaps if someone could track him down some sort of rebellion could be arranged... though Caroline knew she certainly wasn't sociable nor charismatic enough to organize such a thing herself. And with all these trainers running around destroying each other, cooperation on any large scale seemed unlikely.

    The sight of a trainer standing in the open field tore Caroline from her pondering. Aww jeez, she thought, He's prolly 'bout to see me if he hasn't already... I've gotta get my head in the game here. She wasn't usually so unobservant. Regretting her carelessness, she made an immediate mental note to keep such thoughtful excursions out of her mind while on the move.
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