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Name: Josephine "Josie" Jolls
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Location: England's countryside, somewhere pretty unimportant and green and rainy

Title: MAGE of RHYME
Color: Orange
ChumHandle: sublimeArrhythmia [SA]
Main theme song: Cascade (preferably EoA5 cut but it had no good quality available, so Tensei's it is xD)

Home: You live in a castle, is the simplest way to put it. Your silly father inherited it from an unknown relative who apparently had no other relatives left, and now you live there without really fitting into it. It's got one main body and two wings, so it's shaped like a horseshoe, kind of. One of the wings is for your silly father and his stupid projects, and the main body is where you all really live. The second wing isn't really used and has many strange rooms and things. It seems like the old relative who used to live here, the COUNTESS as you mostly call her, was either an explorer herself or just a really dedicated collector of artifacts from all over the world. There are too many rooms to count but you've made your home in one of them in the main body and it's huge but feels rather empty which makes you bitter.

Family: Your silly FATHER is probably one of the persons you like the least in this world. You know that you should probably love him deep down since he is your FATHER and gave you life and all that, and you sometimes feel guilty for not feeling any affection at all for the man. He is somewhat round and fat, with no hair on top of his head but a wavy reddish mustache on his upper lip. He usually wears silly green blazers and knickerbockers because he thinks it's fitting of a castle owner for some reason. He talks as if he is always happy and knows best, which annoys you to no end.

Your big BROTHER is probably one of the persons you like the most in this world. Not that you would ever tell him that up front, because that would be downright inappropriate. Siblings are supposed to argue and bicker and tease one another. And so you do, constantly, every day. But you always make sure that he isn't upset for real afterwards, and you are pretty sure that he makes sure the same for you. BROTHER is pretty damn cool, liked by everyone and described by his friends as too kind for his own good. But still annoyingly teasing. Yeah, ok, you really love him and couldn't imagine life without him. Let's just admit that to everyone except to him.

Appearance: You are a rather short, thin girl of 14 years who has been waiting and is still waiting to begin looking a bit more womanly. Your curves just won't come, it seems. This makes you bitter. It's not the only thing that makes you bitter, but it's sure contributing.

Your face is pale with some freckles and a small button nose and thin lips. Not the most girly face but you actually think you look cool at times. When you are in a good mood, at least. Or at least at certain angles and in certain lights. Ok, who are you kidding, you hate how you look and just tell yourself and everyone else that you are ok with who you are to try and put up some form of self-confidence instead of showing your self-loathing side that is buried within.

Your hair is long and blonde and straight and would actually look nice if you smiled sometimes and matched its shine. But you mostly pout underneath that straight fringe and the shine is somehow fading when you do that. Even though you keep telling people as well as your own mirror image that you don't care about it.

For clothing, you aren't overly complicated. You wear baggy jeans in an attempt to not look as freakishly thin, and long sleeved t-shirts with some print on the front, usually. You like your t-shirts. Not just saying you like them, you actually do. You have many in different colors, but you most often only have bright jeans.

You wear a silvery watch on your left wrist, which you found in the lonely wing some time ago and just kept. It works fine and all. Other than that, you don't wear any jewelry. You sometimes don a pair of cool, dark sunshades though. Even indoors. And you often put on your pair of white headphones with orange and cyan details. They are really cool and the sound they make is really good. This, you also think for real. You listen through them every day, since you love music.

Good Personality Traits: You never really freak out about anything. You know how to keep your cool, or at least how to not get ridiculously scared or sad or happy. That's a positive thing, actually, or it might become in dire situations you may face in the world of SBURB. Of course you don't know that yet, though.

You tend to patronize others easily, regardless if they are actually younger or older than you. Sometimes you are just your stubborn, non-caring self, but when you see others really making a mess of things and feel that you'd know how to do it better, you can't help but stepping in and bitterly helping out. Not because you really enjoy helping out, but because you for some reason feel too annoyed not to. So maybe it's just a weird expression of an OCD? Can be good, in any case.

You always have this longing feeling inside your chest. It's difficult to explain, but even though you keep your emotions in shack and act really down to earth and cool all the time, the feeling sometimes almost surfaces and makes you do ridiculous things. Inexplicable things. In your terms, at least. Spontaneous things are most of the time ridiculous, in your eyes.

Bad Personality Traits: One of your most common replies to things is "I'd rather not". You are positively pessimistic and often negative about ideas and suggestions. Sometimes you have reason to be and other times you just... Sometimes you just don't want to be positive.

You don't show emotions easily. Sometimes you just hide behind a rather bitter coolkid mask, and sometimes you are genuinely angry that people will think you are sensitive and weak if you show them how you really feel. Because somewhere deep down, you do feel stuff, of course. Especially when listening to music.

Hobbies: You love music. That's the first thing to know about you. You almost always keep your headphones on or hanging around your neck, and you have your smartphone as a music player in your pocket or something. Your body knows how to move to a rythm and you daresay you are a pretty good singer. No, not really. You hate your own voice, no matter how much others ( = BROTHER) praise it.

You also happen to be a runner. All your life, as far as you can remember, you have put on your running shoes and gone outdoors as soon as troubles have piled up. You have surprisingly great stamina, despite your petite figure, and you can outrun most people of your age. Including BROTHER. Who is a little bit older than you, but still.

First post: On a windy afternoon with speckles of rain and a squint of tired sunlight through the otherwise dark clouds over the fields of England...

paired to a seeker.
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