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    My primary system is my 3DS... as it was my first DS. I started playing at Gen V, and about a few years ago. Since then, I have worked backwards in acquiring other DS systems, as it is now my favorite gaming platform!

    I also have a DSi XL, DS Lite, had a DSi but sold it on ebay... which I regret! If I had to choose a favorite, the DSi regular would be my favorite ergonomics and feature wise.

    I often use my xl and lite for secondary playthroughs of Pokemon. So far I've made it through W1, B2, B1 next up W2!!
    Check out my (now dead) trade shop, Retinaburn's Pokedex Push! Visit my trader review thread!

    Gen V White 2 FC: 0820-4702-6493 (commonly used for Pokedex pickups)
    Gen V Black 2 FC: 4170-6415-3455 (DWFs, other random fulfillment)
    Gen V Black 1 FC: 1464-7194-0424 (sometimes used for RNG pickups)
    3DS FC - Version X - 0104-0057-8507 - IGN Retinaburn