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Who doesn't love a good gossip, am I right?

Due to the continuous rumors that seem to be spreading around the internet about what may or may not happen in Pokémon X and Y, I think it's fitting that there should finally be a thread solely for discussing said rumors, what we think of them, and if they're actually fake or if they might have an inkling of truth hidden within.

I won't use this post as an update for what's true or not, because quite frankly that's exhausting and all official news can be found in the Pokémon X and Y News Summary thread pinned at the top of the forum.

Reminder: This thread is only to discuss and debunk or prove spreading rumors. You no longer have to use the X/Y General Chat and Speculation thread for that. Leave the X/Y General Chat and Speculation thread for general chit chat or minor speculations about what we already know or would like to see.

So, what's currently on the rumors chopping block? Who's claiming they have insider information now?

Thanks to XanderO for the thread recommendation.

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