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Originally Posted by pedrito3_poke View Post
I actually like this. I think it would be nice to have some new ways of evolving your pokémon, rather than just leveling it up or using a stone or trading it. Also, I like to see the developers using the potentialities of the 3DS.
Well, even considering this, I'm happy because it's still a big step forward in pokémon games. Who knows what we will see in the future...
I would rather see them being completely replaced by natural abilities, but then again, it's a step forward.
I'll certainly find this useful. I just hope we'll be able to access it not too late in the game.
I was going to choose Chespin anyway, but I actually like it better this way.
Thats a good point about it being a stepping process... They are trying to ease some people into things and only bring in a few new features per generation so they have a backlog of features to add. Generation 7 is likely to ink a bit closer to everything we want and maybe feature one thing we want now and get more and more features as we go on.

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