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Name: Steel Senpai
Age: 16
Gender: Male
History: Steel's father was a famous trainer who was swarmed and killed by adults when he rebelled against the chaos, Steel never forgave adults and was and is disgusted that he, eventualy, will become one
Personality: Steel is grim and determined, he dosn't trust kids much because of his father's death, but he wants to get stronger and unite children and adults again
Because he knows that chaos can make people do crazy things, which will probably happen to him and with him.


Species: gardevoir
Nickname: Gwen
Personality: Gwen is sassy and quick to anger, when she is angry Steel is angry, before the virus gwen was Steels pokemon, she was delighted to find she wasn't given to a random stranger but was given to her best friend.



Shadow ball

Pain Split



Drem Eater

First Post
There Steel stood, where nearly every teen has stood in their lives, he looked at the crystal, large and unmoving, and sensed the power inside of it,
mentaly of course, and one spirit came towards his touch, embracing it, and he knew what it was, who it was, "Gwen" he whispered and drew the spirit to him
they touched, their spirits becoming one, and his first pokemon and best friend was inside his head
Gwen: Steel!
Steel: Hey Gwen
Gwen: What happened? And where is my body?
Steel: Arceus took all the pokemon because of the virus, he then gave it them back to some of us, it;s now kid vs adult Gwen, and it's you and me
Gwen: That's nice
Steel: I have a question, should we go it alone or go find someone else for our journey?
Gwen: I don't know Steel
Steel: Lets go by ourselves for now Gwen
Gwen: OK
Steel pitched up a tent and slept, and as he slept so did Gwen.


Hope you like it, only one thing left... now, what was it?... Oh yeah, his looks

Apearence: picture below
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