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Name: Leon Guemonde
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Location: Paris, France
Color: #CCCCFF
ChumHandle: PA - periwinkleAdoucir
Home: Leon lives in a penthouse... well, not exactly a penthouse but the top floor of an apartment. With just 2 master bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, a nice kitchen filled with latest equipment, and a study room filled with bookshelves and other learning materials, and a comfy living room occupying the rest. Leon's room, however, is like any normal 15 year old boy's room looks like. Well, maybe just cleaner. He also has a cool looking normal PC which was given to him by his older sister on his 13th birthday. His room also has a balcony, which the Eiffel Tower, clearly visible from the platform.
Family: Leon has an older sister whom he loves unconditionally. Although there were times that his sister and him fight (which was usually most of the time), Leon would't want anything to happen with his sis. It's too painful to even think if anything would happen to his sister. He also had a pet snake named Serperior, named after the Gen V Pokemon Grass Starter, whom he loves very much. Unfortunately, he died in some weird accident when he found the serpent outside his apartment, dead.
Appearance: Leon looks pretty skinny for a 15 year old guy. He has deep auburn eyes that sparkle in the sunlight when viewed at an angle and has messy jet black hair that he usually never combs. He likes to keep it this way since his image doesn't really matter. He is 5'6" in height and probably around 50 kgs in weight which is okay for him. His complexion is just fair and flawless but that's just every neighborhood daughter his age says. He wears a plain white shirt with a periwinkle cross on the center, a gray long jacket, and blue jeans. He also wears green sneakers coz he loves nature and green is totes awesome as a color. Well, not as awesome as blue. :>
Personality Traits:
GOOD: Leon is a kind hearted soul. He wouldn't want to hurt anyone if there wasn't a good enough reason. He loves Shipping and has many OTPs to be quite honest. He enjoys mythology and has every fiction about the subject. He prefers music that is mainstream and totally catchy. He also enjoys using the Internet and do social interactions with other people around the world. He also loves snakes!
BAD: Leon is actually a passive guy and is sometimes a pacifist. He also has a bad temper if you actually catch him in a sour mood. He tends to scream if anything bad happens to anyone he cares for like he did with his pet snake.
First Post:
Your name is LEON. You love making SHIPPING LISTS and OTPs so much that you have tons of them scattered around your bedroom. You also love SNAKES which you have PLUSHES of them on your bed. You also have tons of MYTHOLOGY FICTION BOOKS piled up next to your COMPUTER. Your taste in MUSIC is somewhat vague as you only listen to TOP 10 SONGS OF THE WEEK or something.

What will you do?

Leon, err I mean, I decided to...
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