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    I admit I probably didn't play this hack for a long time, because of the fakemon, but I ran into those before in other hacks and found that they weren't so bad. I ended up watching a few episodes of a Let's Play video of this hack and was surprised not to see very many (it was an old beta, which explained that xD). So I decided to give it a try and noticed it was probably, because it was an old beta. I actually finished this hack in a day lol I couldn't stop playing and really loved the starter I picked and the team I got along the way. There were a few bugs, which I'm sure has probably been brought up already with the fly and the electric move tutor? I think it was volt tackle or something /: Fly I know was definitely brought up, but I save constantly so it didn't bother me. The electric one I was bummed out to miss out on though.

    Again, I have to say I regret not playing this sooner and having something against fakemon that is slowly, but surely going away with each hack that makes great ones like this one. x) It was a fantastic hack and I can't wait for the next beta coming out soon. (:
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