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    Name: Team Nexus

    Motives: The abuse of Pokemon by many trainers; this group wishes to make Pokemon and humans equal and free to choose their own destinies. However, unlike Team Plasma, this group does want people and Pokemon seperated; people will be allowed to keep their Pokemon if their Pokemon wish to stay with them. They also wish to dismantle other teams that cause humans or Pokemon harm.

    Motto: Allow Pokemon to choose their own fate, as dictated by the Great Creator Arceus.

    Pokemon: There is no strict Pokemon useage enforced; however, noble and elegant Pokemon, such as Lucario and Dragonair, are politely suggested.

    Appearance: Usually no strict outfit you have to wear, higher ups wear blue and white toga thing with a stylized N for outings to make them noticeable.

    Threat Level: To a standard trainer, low, as long as you treat your Pokemon right. To a villainous team, very high.

    Inspiration: Pretty much the books in Canalve City's library and Team Plasma.

    Additional Notes: Members of this team are required to use the Following Pokemon feature. Almost anyone can join, as long as they treat Pokemon decently. You end fighting these guys because you see them ganging up on an abusive trainer and you assume a little too much.

    ...What? No one said a villainous team had to be...villainous!
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