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Jericho Godbane
Ruins of Oerba: King Behemoth II

Two other people woke up, or it's two as Jericho counted. It was hard to keep track of other people when a King Behemoth is trying to kill you. However, there was no fear in Jericho's mind. Instead, he was ecstatic of the fight, and trying to bring down the King Behemoth. He slashed and chopped with his axe, although the attention of the monster was on Daniel, who was performing some crazy acrobatics with his gunblade. A flame burst out from the King Behemoth's left side. The gal Jericho pulled to safety from before holds the attention of the Behemoth now. With four people (or as Jericho counted) attacking the monster, it seemed hard-pressed to concentrate on a single enemy.

"Hey! Monster! Pick someone your own size!" Jericho shouted. He leaped into the King Behemoth's right leg and started climbing up onto its back. He held his Grimaxe high, and smashed it into the monster's back. It screamed in pain, it's head thrashing. It was distracted again, and its attention now on the huge critter on its back. "Hey, miss! What did your parents told you about playing with fire?" Jericho leaped (higher than what he was originally capable of) to avoid the legs of the behemoth who tried to crush him. With a roar, he smashed Grimaxe on the head of the Behemoth. Blood spilled from the wound, a yucky greenish thing. With a shake of his head, the behemoth managed to throw Jericho off. He landed beautifully on the ground, beside the woman. "I'm doing good."

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