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"You can flirt with the girl after we beat the monster!" I yelled, "If the thing stands up, we are all going to get it. Everything you've done up until this point will be lost." I knew that when a behemoth was endangered, it would heal itself and change physical form. "I have seen a couple cocky hunters die that way." I continued attacking him, doing damage in the weaker spots of the creature, though I figured very soon he would change. Not sure the four of us can beat him. I thought, Not when we are this weak and new to some kind of powers. I sighed angirly, I'm going to have to run from this beast again. I saw it attacking and clawing at the others, and knew that I had no choice. might as well make it heroic.

"I'll meet all of you back here!" I yelled. I wonder if I can do magic too. I held out my hand, and a grey ball of light shot forward. Not fire, but ok. I shot several at the beast, until it changed its attention to me. "That's right beast, you'll have to fight me!" I proceeded to attack and run, getting closer toward the outside area of the city. "Keep following." I tried to stay close enough that he kept interest, which wasn't hard because he was about the same speed as me. I figured that I couldn't just turn around, I had to get back in a way that wouldn't cause him to follow. Then I got an idea, I'd jump on his back and then on a building as he ran past.

I abruptly turned around and shot three of those grey spheres at the monster's face, doing almost no damage but blinding it. Then I jumped on to his back and onto a nearby rooftop. Unfortunately the beast roared and charged through the building, and it collapsed with me in it. "Damn it!" I said out loud, as the beast stood over me. I rolled to dodge a stomp, then leaped to my feet. One side of the house now ramped to the ground, and I was able to run up it and leap across to another building, this time avoiding the beast entirely.

I returned to the others, I sustained a large cut across my chest the burned intensely, and I had smaller injuries on my arms. I sat on the ground hard, tired. "I don't even have energy for introductions." I said, addressing the two people I hadn't met. "Though I suggest we leave as quick as possible. Maybe like ten minutes tops."
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