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    Name: Team Solace

    Motives/Intentions: To destroy the world and deliver the souls of all pokemon and humans to their pokemon god, Afterrus, god of the Afterlife.

    Motto: "Welcome the End"

    Location of actions: The Zorra region, a large floating continent.

    Threat level: Dire

    Team Capacity: The team acts as a new and rapidly growing religion in the region, led by a young man who can supposedly speak to this mysterious pokemon, Afterrus. They have churches throughout the region, where they spread the news about Afterrus, and his offer of eternal happiness and peace in the "world beyond". The team plans on using the myterious ancient temples that allow Zorra to float to turn the continent into a planet-destroying weapon.

    Pokemon usage: Mainly Flying, Psychic, and Normal types. Basically, they use any pokemon that can fly/levitate, and that has a divine/heavenly appearance.

    Ranking: Neophytes, Acolytes, Priests, and the 6 Disciples, who serve as the team's lieutenants. The team is led by The Messiah, the young man who supposedly can speak directly to Afterrus.

    Appearances: All members wear white robes that have increasingly intricate and ornate designs as rank increases. Neophytes have short hair and bronze designs on their robes. Acolytes have mid length hair and silver designs on their robes. Priests have shoulder length hair and gold designs on their robes. Priests have very different hairstyles, but all have platinum designs on their robes. The Messiah is bald, shirtless, and wears white hakama. he also wears a ferronière that has a flawless diamond on his forehead.

    Description: Because they act like a valid religion, they can accomplish their goals without much interference. Most of its members were previously Pokemon researchers and Archaeologists, which is why they have access to the mystic temples of the region. They only actively battle those who discover their plans, and try and stop them. They are much smaller than Zorra's larger religion, Mathothism, which worships a god that supposedly created and watches over the Universe, Mathoth. Mathoth's steed is supposedly Arceus, who has a fragment of his power. Mathoth and Afterrus would be at conflict with each other, and would be version mascots.