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Originally Posted by AnonygooseD View Post
Tell me about it it's their loss anyway hehehe...
So what's that "burkha" you're talking about?
The Qu'ran and the Bible ask that women cover their head, lest be shaven.

That means just the hair because a woman's hair is too beautiful. It attracts men too much and that can be bad attention for the woman. Don't want to be raped for being too beautiful / sexy or thought of as a whxre because of all the male attention.

So this is good:

Minus the make-up.

Lots of Christians used to wear this, too. Like Mary, Jesus' mam

And nuns:


Now, this is where that ^ merges with politics to manipulate and control women, forcing them into very shallow lifestyles, such as the stereotypical "child bearer" or "keeper of house." Jobs, ambitions, etc. are nothing for Saudi Arabian women; they do not [really] have these rights. Their job is to procreate.

Is traditional to the Middle-East only, specifically Afghanistan. Again, politics.

The far left is what the religion actually says women should wear. Far right is extremists from the Middle-East (political).

Saudi-Arabians wear the hijab or, in some cases, the niqab, which only leaves the eyes visible.

Noting hijabs aren't drab or anything. They can be very pretty and colourful.

Anyway, if they don't want smexy men in their country, lots of others will procreate with him at no additional fee!
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