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Charlotte was a simple girl who enjoyed the simple things in life. She also enjoyed the more complex things in life, but in moderation of course, for she really was a simple oriented girl. One day, she got tired of her simple life. So she dressed herself up cutely in ribbons, bows, makeup, skirts and lace and set out to find herself a suitable mate. She left her home and went to the supermarket. "Maybe...", she thought with a bit of a blush on her face, "...That guy that works at the supermarket will notice me, and I can pick up some sugar for my apple pie too." So when she arrived at the supermarket she went to go and pick up some sugar for her apple pie, keeping a watch for the guy. Then, an old elderly man approached her with a bucket of sardines. She wrinkled her nose at the odor of the fish momentarily, then regained her composure and smiled brightly as she greeted the old man cheerfully, "How do you do today sir?"

The elderly man handed her a sardine, saying, "Little girl... This is a magic sardine. When the full moon rises, raise up the sardine and out comes the silver wolf of the east. Legends say that if you befriend it, it could grant you one wish." The girl looked at the sardine in awe, realizing that if she could befriend this wolf, she can get the guy at the supermarket to notice her.
She payed for the sugar & ran back home, sunk in thought of what the elderly man said...
"I'm going to bake that pie now then see if tonight's moon is full, it's getting dark already." uttered Charlotte walking into her house.
After she baked the pie & laid it in the oven, she hears a strange noise outside her window, she rushes to see what's it coming from, completely forgetting her pie...

P.S. WRITERS pls put the previous parts that you copied in quotes or spoiler, thank you.