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Definitely agree it shouldn't be a law or enforced by law. Religious interpretation should always be personal and not affected by state matters. Women who wear hijab who may or may not do so out of personal reason would probably feel more liberated if they had the choice to or not to. Just because one is Muslim doesn't mean they interpret the book the same way I am very pro "no tight clothing; no cleavage; no buttocks or cracks" but I think the hijab is a tiny bit too much.

That, and I don't feel confident in myself hiding it. It makes me feel ugly + even with my hair showing, I feel ugly, so it'd not work out for me lol However, some women feel empowered wearing hijab; it just shouldn't be a stately matter.

Like Catholics vs. Lutherists. That's how the Protestant Church started 'n all. Anger about how the Catholics interpreted the Bible... Anger how they suckered people into wild taxes or "afterlife" saving documents... Heck, they even sold documents to people trying to save their loved ones after death! Bunch of moneygrubbers they were back in the day lol

Anyway, kinda a bit off-topic.

*flitters away*
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