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    Rated T: Violence, Small amounts of swearing and romance

    Dear Reader,

    As you might already know, Pokémon and humans always had tension between each other. For a period of time, it was very rare for them to even meet, and on such occasions, one of two would end up leaving.

    This changed when the Dobutsu (Pokémon) declared war on the Ningen (Humans) due to their corrupt leader, King who is being manipulated by Lab (Porygon-Z). Over time, the Ningen took much of the territory of the Dobutsu, but not without a cost. The Ningen are weakened and the Dobutsu have begun to attack. It will not be long before the Dobutsu can launch an attack on Capitol City, the capital of the Ningen. Despite having a military disadvantage, the Ningen have a project to make secret weapon. The secret weapon is the Pokéball. However, there exists another side to the story. The Tanin, who before the war enjoyed the peace between humans and Pokémon. Their side is to stop the war regardless of the cost. And so, the Tanin found a way to wield the power of Kyurem and it wasn’t long until the Ningen could control Reshiram and the Dobutsu Zekrom.

    Who can really be called as the ‘good guys’ in this war if each side have all committed atrocities? Who is the real villain? I have suspected that a dark force, hidden, is behind this. I have not managed to track their base, but I have noticed one odd thing. Each member of this dark force have disappeared after doing their evil act. This is the reason why I write this letter to you, my friend. You will help our cause won’t you? Sadly, you will probably not see me around because I have to get back to my alternate dimension.

    Now I am aware that you could be anyone, a child or an adult, tall or short, fat or skinny. But I’m sure you can manage, you might even meet the guardians of Latenoh if you are lucky. The guardians are a group of strong Pokémon who don’t give a damn about the war that’s going on and tend to lounge about the continent, causing trouble for Pokémon and humans. However, they often share their strength with chosen warriors just as the Energy Trio have in this situation.

    To conclude, it would be best if you join one of the sides quickly, as no one on Latenoh is very friendly to strangers.

    A Friend


    1. Obey all forum rules not mentioned here.
    2. You are either human or Pokémon, no exceptions.
    3. Don’t god-mode.
    4. Don’t bunny without the role-player’s permission.
    5. NPCs can be created but they must not change the main storyline.
    6. If you die, you can sign up again, but you will not be reserved a spot automatically when you die. You can sign up more than once as well.
    7. If you have not posted in a month, you will be considered A.W.O.L. or M.I.A. (i.e. your character is unplayable)
    8. No characters from the games or anime. However, you can be inspired by these things.
    9. Reservations last three days unless you give a good reason why you won’t be able to sign up by then.
    10. If you want to evolve as a Pokémon, you must ask a GM first.
    11. No Legendary Pokémon allowed.
    12. Once several people have posted around three-four times, I will update the map and have an event update.
    13. You cannot individually destroy towns and cities but you may expect some to be destroyed by the end of the role-play.
    14. You cannot join the unnamed dark force, no exceptions.

    Sorry if there are many rules, they may change over time.

    Latenoh (CAUTION:Very Large image):

    (The label for Tetsu Town is missing, map may get refined)

    Places of Interest:

    Ningen (Human Territory):
    Kawa Ocean:

    Ah, the large and vast beautiful ocean. Kawa Ocean stretches as far as the eye can see. The coast is generally cliffy on the Ningen side but has nice beaches on the Dobutsu side. Don’t try swimming too far, you’ll die. The guardian Kyogre lives here but it is unknown where.

    Kazan City:

    The city is at the foot of Yama Mountain. It is one of the oldest cities in Ningen and is relatively safe from the frontlines. It is a major trading centre to the Ningen and is well defended. The rest is up to your imagination. There is an old statue in the city centre of Moltres, a guardian, suggesting that Moltres once lived here or lives here.

    Heiga Plains:

    Heiga Plains, the great farmland, sprawl across the north-western area of Latenoh, most of the food supplied to the Ningen is here. The Tanin have also established a farm within the plains in the guise of a Ningen farm. The guardian Shaymin is known to live here but it has only been seen once or twice in a whole century.

    Mori Town:

    Mori Town is a very quiet town and the centre of spirituality in Ningen. It has a few temples, but it is most known for the archaeological shrine of the guardians which is at the heart of the city. Mori Town is quite dislocated from the war and do not mind the occasional Pokémon who come by as much as the other towns and cities. The guardian Virizion lives here, but only the elders have seen it.

    Yama Mountain:

    Yama Mountain is a relatively large mountain in Latenoh, but not as high as the tallest Mons Mountain in Dobutsu territory, where Alto City is located. A mine has been built relatively deep within Yama Mountain but problems have aroused as Yama Mountain is a volcano. The guardian Heatran stays within the interior of the volcano, but not in the lava.

    Umi City:

    Umi City is the beautiful seaside city. It is a largely populated city and a Tanin base resides within the abandoned lighthouse (see image). The sea trade is great here and so is the land trade. The guardian Suicune keeps the waters of Umi City clean, but has not been seen in a very long time.

    Tetsu Town:

    Tetsu Town is a town built on many hills. It is a pain to navigate through but a town where most of the Ningen’s economy relies on. This is due to the mining of the Tetsu Hills. Many eco-friendly people are eliminated by the government to continue the mining boom. The guardian Cobalion has been driven out of Tetsu Town and its location is currently unknown.

    Tetsu Hills:

    The hills make up quite a bit of Ningen territory and are great mining source, providing money, fuel and weapons to be used in warfare. They are considered the main Ningen attraction as well as Sakura Forest. The guardian Terrakion resides here but is hardly seen at all.

    Hebi Town:

    Hebi Town is a relatively large town, but not large enough to be called a city. It is the Ningen’s centre of education and many human children flock here. They are openly hostile to any Pokémon who trespasses. The dual guardians Latias and Latios have been driven out of the anti-Pokémon town.

    Capitol City:

    As its name suggests, Capitol City is the capital city of the Ningen and is home to many military bases, along with an airstrip. It is very focused on technology, so focused in fact that the Ningen government have neglected the development of the other cities. The man-made guardian Genesect lives here but is usually seen on the fronts or in a military base.

    Sakura Town:

    Sakura Town is a beautiful Ningen Town. It is surrounded by century-old trees, despite recent de-forestations to support the war efforts. Sakura Town is the centre of tourism of the Ningen, and often is advertised as a relaxation attraction. The guardian Jirachi resides within the white stone, located near the perimeter of the town, waiting for its hero to awaken it.

    Lake Mirikimi:

    Lake Mirikimi is the largest lake on Latenoh. It is located near Umi City, and plays a role in the city’s festivals and trade routes. The lake guardians: Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, reside here, but remain invisible, only appearing to those worthy in their eyes.

    Sakura Forest:

    Sakura Forest is the largest forest in Latenoh and takes up quite a bit of space on the map. It is seen as beautiful but not everlasting as the Ningen deforest it so that they might win the war. It is unknown whether a guardian is present within the major part of Sakura Forest due to its size and density.

    Kori Lake:

    Kori Lake is a frozen lake. One can still see one’s reflection but it’s not water. It is ice. One can hear water beneath the ice however, so be careful when treading over the thin lake. Regice is rumoured to live here, but is well camouflaged on the lake’s icy coating.

    Periculo Desert:

    Despite the fact that Periculo Desert is a desert, a river divides two areas of the desert. Other than this, the desert will get you perspiration in a matter of seconds. The guardian Entei roams here but is currently missing due to the battle occurring here.

    Dobutsu (Pokémon Territory):
    Sakura Forest:

    Part of this area of the forest is burnt, supposedly due to the arson of a Ningen person (See notable people below). The guardian Meloetta’s songs calm down anyone who enters this area of Sakura Forest.

    River Flaccum:

    The River Flaccum spans most of Latenoh’s width. In fact, it has been said that the River Flaccum’s length is equivalent to the maximum width of Latenoh. The river has been hit by a meteor and many meteorites can be found scattered across the river. The river has many tributaries, with four. The guardian Deoxys watches over the river but has been rarely seen.

    Ignis Town:

    Ignis Town is a moderately large town. It is located in Periculo Desert and is a main military site. Most of Dobutsu troops reside here before going out to battle against the Ningen. A Tanin base is within the city and the guardian Registeel has disappeared after the town became specialised in military.

    River Via:

    The River Via is a small tributary that flows into the large River Flaccum. The guardian Victini resides here, but is most likely hidden in its home eating macaroons.

    Lake Hiems:

    The lake is said to be surrounded by a great mist. A thick layer of snow and ice covers the water within the lake due to Articuno, the guardian watching over Lake Hiems. However, the guardian has not been seen for a long time, despite the NeverMeltIce that came from the guardian.

    River Serpens:

    There was once a great thunderstorm that affected the river. Consequently, Thundurus was attracted to the river and became its guardian. However, the guardian has not been seen since, possibly due to its brother Landorus.

    River Aquis:

    The River Aquis is the shortest river in Latenoh, and is the only tributary in Latenoh which is a tributary of a tributary. The guardian Keldeo was said to once run on the river but has disappeared, most likely to its own guardians, the Musketeer trio.

    Periculo Desert:

    On the both sides of the River Flaccum lies Periculo Desert, the east side belonging to Dobutsu and the west to the Ningen. Near to the desert is Ignis Town, where soldiers are sent through the desert to battle. The guardian Groudon brought an endless drought to a field a long time ago, creating the desert. Groudon is not in the desert at the moment due to the war.

    River Arbor:

    There was once a great hurricane that affected the river. It was said to make it change directions and consequently, Tornadus was attracted to the river and became its guardian. However, the guardian has not been seen since, possibly due to its brother Landorus.

    River Anchis:

    The muddy waters of the River Anchis spread. Many Pokémon live here, especially Water-Types and Ground-Types. The guardian of the river is Landorus, but he has not been seen for a long time, probably due to some scuffle between his brothers, Tornadus and Thundurus.

    Incips Town:

    Incips Town is a relatively small town, and consists of ranches. There is a large population of Miltank found here and the guardian Ho-Oh would often bring shine and rainbows to this small little town. However, due to the war, Ho-Oh has vanished, and the clouds of Incips are murky and dark. A Tanin base is here.

    Lake Maris:

    Lake Maris is the smallest lake on Latenoh. Silvan Forest once stretched around the lake, but is was cut down to support the war efforts. Manaphy and Phione disappeared with the forest and have not been seen again.

    Umbra Town:

    Umbra Town has changed greatly since the war started. Many trees surrounded the town, but to support the war efforts, Umbra Town became the main centre in the Dobutsu of the manufacturing of things for the war. Consequently, most of Silva Forest, which had spanned to Umbra Town, was cut down. The guardian Darkrai left when this happened.

    Umber Plains:

    The desecrated remains of Silva Forest, Umber Plains is covered in tree stumps. The forest was cut down and the crescent moon that once shined upon the forest vanished. And with it, the guardian Cresselia.

    Alto City:

    Alto City has been viewed by Pokémon and humans as a remarkable sight, where the mountain capital of the Dobutsu touches the sky. Zapdos used to live here, but left Alto City with the memento of a great thunderstorm.

    Mons Mountains:

    The two mountains are beautiful, spanning across the horizon. The larger mountain casts a great shadow on the land, and especially on Alto City. The two mountains have two guardians. Rayquaza is the guardian of the tallest mountain on Latenoh while Raikou governs the significantly smaller mountain. However, both have vanished, Rayquaza most likely to the high up in the atmosphere while Raikou may have joined its brothers, Entei and Suicune.

    Silvan Forest:

    Silvan forest used to be the size of Sakura Forest, but most of it was cut down in a hurry when the war started. Silvan Forest is called the ever-autumn place, where the leaves are always orange but never fall. Celebi lives here, but it has most likely warped through time, to a time of peace.

    Silva City:

    Silva City is quite unaffected by the war. The city built on top of an old ruin where the guardian Regigigas sleeps, it is assumed that the other Regis are also supposedly sleeping in the ruins since the war began.

    Kawa Ocean:

    Deep in Kawa Ocean there is said to be a great trench west of Latenoh. Deep within this trench was western Kawa Ocean’s guardian, Lugia. It is unknown how big Kawa Ocean is, only that it is very large.

    Note that the legendary Pokémon: Mew is not listed, nor the creation trio and their master but they will all be present later on in the role-play. A member of the Tao Trio is under the control of each respective side. Mewtwo is not listed either because it is a Tanin member.

    Ningen, Dobutsu or Tanin and Members (This includes you!):
    In this role-play, you must choose one of the three sides. The Ningen are the humans and the Dobutsu are the Pokémon. They are in a scuffle on who should become the alpha race caused by a mysterious organisation working in the shadows. The third side, the Tanin, are a third party with a mixture of humans and Pokémon whose goal are to find the truth, even if they make the situation worse.

    The Ningen must now going on the defence after unleashing several assaults against the Dobutsu and conquering territory. Their territory is named after Japanese words and NPC names tend to be French.

    Important and Notable Members:

    Blanche Vertion:
    Blanche is aged 28 and is female. She is the Leader of the Ningen and is a logical and organised person who enjoys keeping her life and her people’s lives well-regulated. She is a rather serious individual and earned her position through her thoroughness and extraordinary dependability. She is capable of shutting out distractions in order to take a practical, logical approach to her endeavours, and it is possible for her to make the tough decisions within a war. She takes joy in maintaining institutions and eliminating power rivals. She makes her orators use hate speech against the Pokémon so that they kill Pokémon on sight. She considers Pokémon to be pests and wants to annihilate them. She uses charm to persuade to manipulate people and according to some rumours, has been known to have many dalliances so that she may get her way. Not much is known about Blanche. According to some rumours, she had been born in Sakura Forest but within Dobutsu territory. It was said she burnt a section of the forest down when she left it to travel to Capitol City. Already a teenager, she quickly set herself up into a powerful position among the Committee. Slowly, she became the leader of the Ningen and enforced a close watch on her people.

    Cartes Royale:
    Cartes is aged 31, is male and is the treasurer of the Ningen. Ironic to his role as treasurer, Cartes is a gambler. He likes to take big risks and is the leader of the Ningen military. He is usually seen with Blanche at public events and organises espionage as well as strategies for battles. Not much is known about his past, other than the fact that he owned nearly all the casinos in Ningen territory and that he had many huge gambling sprees.

    Reshiram, the Warrior of Truth is controlled by the Ningen and despises its siblings, Kyurem and Zekrom. It is a very silent Pokémon and its current location is unknown. It is believed to be older than Latenoh and it loaned some of its power to the Ningen after its brothers Kyurem and Zekrom gave some of their power to the Tanin and the Dobutsu, respectively.



    Considering they are about to launch an attack that could ultimately change the tide of the war, they are doing relatively well. Their ambition is to conquer all of Latenoh and establish Pokémon as the superior species. Unfortunately for them, Ningen territory is filled with natural defences unlike their own territory which does not serve them well defensively. Their territory is named after Latin words and NPC names tend to be English in relation to what the Pokémon is.

    Important and Notable Members:

    King (Jellicent):
    King is aged 41 and is the puppet leader of the Dobutsu set in place by Lab. King is controlled by his adviser Lab. King has good speaking skills but is an idiot. He speaks slowly in a deep voice and lives in his government house while Lab controls the military efforts. He is very reliant on Lab and thinks he is important. King was born in an aristocratic family, and has been in luxury his whole life. He is very arrogant and has often been referred to as a snob. He likes his political “power” and would try to maintain it if it was threatened.

    Lab (Porygon-Z):
    Lab, aged 32, is the Pokémon pulling the strings in the Dobutsu as the Vice-President of the Dobutsu, Lab controls the Dobutsu army and the Secret Police. He makes sure that King is in power so that any hate the Pokémon have are to King and not Lab. He is a very cunning Pokémon, and manipulates King. Lab managed to gain Zekrom’s power after persuading it to join its cause. Though Lab does not fight directly in battles, he still has some reputation on the battlefields and he is very supported by his soldiers. He could overthrow King if he wanted to, but chooses not to. He hates humans as if it were an obsession and wishes to kill them all and not just establish Pokémon as the supreme race.
    Zekrom, the Warrior of Ideals is controlled by the Dobutsu and despises its siblings, Kyurem and Reshiram. It is a very silent Pokémon and its current location is unknown. It is believed to be older than Latenoh and it loaned some of its power to the Dobutsu as it wishes to support its idealistic dreams of a place where Pokémon reign supreme.

    1. Maxwell "Craze" Steal, Sableye <GenethepowerfulXD>


    The Tanin are a third party side in the war. The Tanin are very efficient and often leave behind the weak. They are a side composed of a mixture between people and Pokémon. Most executive members merge themselves with a human/Pokémon counterpart so that are well defended. They do not actually own territory in Latenoh but tend to live in disputed regions (a venue split across the two nations). This is their biggest problem is that they do not own any territory on the map meaning they have to be very secretive. Their aim is to find the reason for the war and restore peace. Their leader, Lady (a human merged with a Froslass), can harness the power the Kyurem in battle. If you are up for a challenge, the Tanin are for you.

    Important and notable members are:
    Lady (Hybrid):
    Lady is the first hybrid Pokémon Human, she is female and aged 26. Despite being lonely and solitary, she is the leader of the Tanin and has recruited many people to fight for her. Lady was a girl with no friends; she was an orphan and was shunned by society for being lonely. Because of this, she was exiled when she was six from Umi City, the city of her birth. She wandered for days in winter before she collapsed from exhaustion. The next thing she knew, she had woken up in the house of Frost, who was a Snorunt at the time. The two lived together for eighteen years until the war started. The two started up the Tanin a year within the war in an attempt to stop the war and find the truth behind it all. The Tanin quickly grew while infiltrating Incips Town, they found the legendary Pokémon Kyurem where it willingly joined their cause. With Kyurem’s power, it was possible for Lady to become a hybrid, thus she merged with Frost.

    Omicron (Human-Hybrid) and Omega (Shattered Figure):
    The two are both are male, if Omega could have a proper gender, and are both aged 34. They both serve as a nano-biologist and a commander of the Tanin as well as a lead operative. They prefer to torture or extort people into doing what they want and only trust each other, along with Lady. Not much is known about the two, only that they joined the Tanin soon after it was created. The two are in a way, duplicates of each other. This happened when they tried to make Omicron and Omega one, but in fact it just meshed them all up. Omega became shattered figure, a shadow, but much stronger than Omicron. Omicron became incredibly intelligent, but weak.

    Kyurem, the Warrior of Balance is controlled by the Tanin and despises its siblings, Reshiram and Zekrom. It is a very silent Pokémon and its current location is unknown. It is believed to be older than Latenoh and it loaned some of its power to the Tanin after it found out Zekrom gave its power to the Dobutsu, and Kyurem wishes to prevent Zekrom from changing the balance between Pokémon and Humans.

    1. Memento, Human, Male, (jov0006)

    Sign Up:
    Species: (i. e. Human or Pokémon, if Pokémon which Pokémon)
    Gender: (If you are a Pokémon that does not have a gender, use a - but also indicate which gender you are inclined to.)
    Age: (At least 14)
    Faction: (Note that you are not an official member of your faction and must join it if you are the Tanin. If you are in Dobutsu/Ningen then all you need to do is to register yourself to a division in the army.)
    Appearance: (Pictures/Paragraph, paragraph must describe character well.)
    Personality: (4 lines minimum, Myers Brigg Type Indicator might help you. If not, answer these questions to help you: How does your character react to Pokémon? What about humans?)
    History: (8 lines minimum)
    Ability: (Both Humans and Pokémon)
    Moves: (Both Humans and Pokémon, 4 moves but you can learn new ones)
    Other: (Something we should know?)
    RP Sample:

    My Sign Up:
    Name: Memento
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Side: Tanin
    Appearance: He holds a baton in his left hand and has a scabbard containing a rapier on the left side of his body as well. He has a strange mark on his the topside of his left hand.
    Personality: Memento is very anti-social. He is usually found saying the words “Ticktickticktick...” and gets very emotional when something happens to his baton. He likes the Pokémon Chatot, Kricketot and Kricketune very much and whenever he sees one he hums to their melodies. He doesn’t really talk about the war, and when he does, he laughs about something irrelevant or scribbles down some music notes. He isn’t much of a fighter, but is very good at eavesdropping as people generally think him as a crazy person. He doesn’t share much of his opinion and keeps many of his emotions and memories bottled up. He can work in teams but is not that great of a teammate.
    History: In a land far from Latenoh, the only child of his parents, Memento was born in autumn. There was no doubt that it was a peaceful time and it was a time to work on life. Memento was born in the town of Lumia, where the great maples' leaves would flutter to the town and the birds would chirp day and night their beautiful tunes. Though of course nothing was as pretty as it seemed, when Memento was eight, a great fire covered Lumia and Memento huddled with the birds on the great maples as he watched it his world burn. The fire spread with speed up the trees and Memento fell with the trees as he ran from the fire. As he left the forest, the fire caught his left hand and burnt it. He ran away and arrived at Capis a few days later, where he was taken to an orphanage. At the orphanage he met an orange-haired boy under the name of Requiem. The two became friends quickly and soon they had plans to escape the orphanage. They carried out their plans and the two eleven year-olds began their life in the slums, relying on stealing and begging to survive. That was, until the two bought violins. As Memento’s burnt hand weighed himself down, he collected metal and machinery while Requiem busked so that they could feed themselves. While foraging for more metal for his grand plan, Memento encountered a boy whose name was Concerto and he joined their crew. Soon the Symphony (that’s what the group was called) built a basic machine, with legs to transport them, a few instruments, a bedroom with three beds and a stage to perform. They would upgrade and upgrade their machine, until it was as big as a house, and moved to a hillside, where they recruited two new members whose names were Sonata and Morceau. However, there was more to their life than just music. They travelled around in their machine, until Memento was transported to Umi City within Latenoh.
    Ability: Prankster
    Moves: Swords Dance, Sing, Night Slash, Whirlwind
    Other: He’s a musical conductor as well as a mechanic.
    RP Sample:

    If there’s anything you think I should revise, let me know.

    Hope you can join!

    GM’d by: jov0006
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