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Some thoughts on The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita.

Sort of thought the title was "The Ice King Gives Up" but that was probably a beta title. Like how one upcoming episode was originally gonna be "LSP Gets Robbed" is now called "Candy Streets".

But anyway, Ice King was surprisingly nice in this episode. I think that's what made me like this one alot, we see a kinder side of IK. He helped Island Lady get over Party God and gave her the courage to break up with him. Ice King's becoming more and more of a likable character. He even fought and won against a god! Though Party God's probably not as powerful or high up as some gods, like Lincoln , but still. It's funny how he referred PB as his girlfriend and "broke up" with her even though they never really dated lol. I wonder if this mean Ice King is done with trying to have Bubblegum and done kidnapping her. That be odd if true. I hope there's still episodes focused on him kidnapping princesses. We haven't had any of those in a while. Also Princess Bubblegum really needs to get out of the castle and do more thing than science experiments.

New topic:

Do you have a least favorite character or one you don't like a lot?

Me that's hard to answer really, but I guess Magic Man cause of how he purposely acts like a jerk for his own pleasure and causes misery to others for fun.
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