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You might be able to tell already, but a difference in how people view it depending on whether they have played the first game or not. Haven't? Great! You can enjoy Dawn of the New World without thinking back to the first game and thinking instead about how it lacks a lot of depth, length, and much more that the first game has.

Basically, Dawn of the New World is a good game. And for those who haven't played the first game it could even be more. But I'm one of those who have played the first game (and is a huge fan of it) so while I did enjoy DotNW it lacked a lot of what I felt in ToS1.

Also, not sure how it is not a sequel because it is definitely a sequel. Takes places two years after the first game and while it is following the adventures of Emil and Marta the original cast is still heavily involved. After all, Lloyd (or "Lloyd") is part of the reason why this game exists in the first place.
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