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    Thank your for the response. I believe I understand what you mean. While I was reading through the cities I decided to look through your OOC, and I realized how similar our characters are. (In terms of being crazy XD)

    I'm sorry for the Spelling/grammar mistakes I most likely made but I typed and posted this using only my iPod so I wasn't able to use the usual correction tools used on computers. If here are any problems with my SU please tell me and I'll edit/change it to meet your standards.

    Name: Maxwell ''Craze'' Steal

    Species: Pokemon, Sableye

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21 (Apparent level 56)

    Faction: Works in a military bace in the Capitol city, that function in defending, capturing, and recapturing the Pariculd Desert. He is a scout for spying beyond the river, and is a great tactician.

    Appearance: Maxwell looks almost like any other Sableye, with very few irregularities. The biggest and most obvious of these are the large crack in his left diamond eye, which yields very few differences in his vision. He stands exactly 2 feet tall (which is above average) but often slouches so he looks shorter than he is. In terms of armor Maxwell wears very little armor compared to most of the other Pokemon. He wears metallic gloves that fit his hands so he can use his claws for digging or fighting without the risk of messing up his hand. He also wears a breastplate made of gemstone-like obsidian, Which would have normally made a very appetizing meal. The plate matches his skin to the point where it would be almost impossible to tell. Besides that Maxwell looks like your typical sableye.

    Personality: As his nickname (Craze) suggests Maxwell is not exactly all together mentally. He will randomly make rude remarks or gestures to bother other people and has very little knowledge of other people's emotions/expression. Maxwell usually keeps people out of his friend zone, but if you can work you way into it he can be a good friend and a useful ally. Maxwell can be extremely stubborn on the rare occasions that he thinks he's right, and he loves to pick fun at just about anyone he can. Although he's extremely annoying at times he's is a very useful asset on the battle field. His specialty is unit to unit combat strategy there isn't a known combat unit that he can't disable or take down and if there is you can leave it to him to figure about a way to stop it. Maxwell's other trademark specialty is being able to sneak wherever he pleases without being seen, by using shadow sneak. This technique only works effectively at night when it's dark, so Maxwell usually stays hidden during the day. Maxwell treats humans very poorly, pestering them more than he would to Pokemon, even civilians. He'll even trap civilian humans just for laughs. He treats most Pokemon with little respect and is usually his normal annoying self. Maxwell is also very secretive of his past, making rude comebacks or changing the subject when someone asks.

    History: Maxwell was born and raised in an isolated cave under the Pariculd Desert. In this isolated cave was a large number of other Pokemon, (mostly Diglets, Sableye, Iron's evolution chain, Ralt's evolution chain, and Geodude's evolution chain) That lived and thrived there. Maxwell lived a fairly normal life, he was taught how to detect and dig up gems, how to fight and defend his family, and he live a very happy happy life upon reaching his teenaged years he opened a shop selling precious jewels he collected and made a decent living, But things changed.
    Soon war broke out between the Pokemon and Humans, most of the Pokemon of the underground utopia stayed hidden and were completely unaffected by the war. This worked for a while, but war soon broke out in their remote desert home. The fact that the underground cavern was right at the border line of Human and Pokemon territory took it's toll on the inhabitants. One late evening during the progression of Human forces beyond the rivers a tank unit, rode over the underground cave. The walls and sides of the old cavern could not support the weight of the tanks and collapsed in on its self, bringing down the tanks with it, and crushing almost all of the Pokemon that took shelter in the cave. Maxwell and a few other unknown Pokemon escaped from the destruction, but the disaster left its mark. Day after day, Maxwell had nightmares about the tragedy, He was forever rattled from the unsettling image of the roof caving in and killing his family, and it was to much for him. Maxwell was driven to insanity by this tragedy. He then vowed to avenge his friends and family by putting the human armies through the same fate or worse.

    Ability: Keen eye/(Hidden): Prankster

    Moves: Recover, Dig, Shadow sneak, Fire punch.

    Other: There are two things you should know.
    1. Maxwell's eyes change to fit his moods and state of mind. His eyes are blueish when he's acting normal, His eyes appear yellowish when he's acting crazy, and his eyes turn red when he's lost all control. There are more but I'll let you learn them.
    2. NEVER EVER EVER let Maxwell eat berries. Due to his diet of rocks and minerals his body is not use to berries, and the results are crazy: after eating berries his eyes turn a deep red colour, his strength increases ten fold , and he will attack and kill anything in his path in a uncontrollable rage.

    RP Sample: I'm sorry but I can't post URL's to the website yet. I'll pm you the website if you want me to
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