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Do you mind describing exactly where this happened? From the sounds of it it sounds like you're in the overworld, which is just a demo map. If this is the case, Route 1's theme from R/B/Y should be playing as the BGM. The sound is a "footstep" sound and it is meant to indicate to a player when they have moved. Since it's a demo map (and a tech demo as a whole) there's not much you can do besides check out the menus (press spacebar). If you walk into certain areas, you might hear a repeating sound that kind of sounds like a rubbing sound - this means you're in tall grass (but nothing actually happens there yet).

Statistics and other things ARE dynamically updated - pretty cool! This means that the game actually generates the data instead of using hard coded stand-ins. So these important functions are already programmed into the game in the background.

Sprites were disabled to help non-blind testers give out their ideas too for navigation, which may be why you're confused. However, there's not really much to it because it's just a big room. No items or trainers are programmed yet. More accessibility tools will be added later.

If this is not the case, please describe where this is happening.
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