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    Dewgong isn't necessary a bad Pokémon, and I'm actually glad I see somebody using it. However you should use it with caution, otherwise it is outclassed by Lapras or Walrein. If you are looking for a Hail inducer/staller, those 2 are generally better options.

    Dewgong @Damp Rock
    Ev's: 252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 Spe
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Hydration
    - Rain Dance
    - Surf
    - Encore / Ice Beam
    - Rest

    This set turns Dewgong into a very effective bulky tank. With rain up, it can use Rest with no fear of falling asleep. Encore prevents it from becoming setup bait for Grass and Water Types, while Ice Beam is a good secondary STAB. The 8 turns of rain can also be used (and should be used) to support your team. Swift Swim users like Golduck, Beartiic or Armaldo or Hurricane/Thunder abusers like Swanna, Articuno or Raichu greatly appreciate Rain support.

    PS: If you want to insist on using the Hail Set, use Sleep Talk instead of Snore. Snore is a really bad move for any Pokémon.

    - Luxray learns a good physical STAB Wild Charge, which in most cases is better than Volt Switch. Yes, it has a nasty recoil effect, but trust me, it is worthy. Also, if you are using Trick Room, Luxray, being a somewhat slow Pokémon, could use a different Ev distribution of 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def with a Brave Nature. Marowak's nature should also be Brave with 0 Speed Iv's IF you decide to have a Trick Room inducer.

    - There are more versatile suiciceTrick Room inducers than Banette. For example, Solrock and Lunatone, can use Trick Room, set up Stealth Rock and use Explosion to send it a Trick Room sweeper unharmed (like Marowak). That way you don't have to waste a Marowak's moveslot with Stealth Rock, instead you may opt for a coverage move like Stone Edge or Double Edge or even Swords Dance if you are feeling gutsy. Mesprit or Beheeyem are also excellent Trick Room inducers (the latter being more offensive while Mesprit plays a more supportive role).

    - Note that Baton Passing Swords Dance to Luxray or Marowak isn't usually a very good idea, since they are very slow (outside of Trick Room) and so they will have a very hard time pulling off any attempt to sweep. Perhaps you could switch Leafeon for a Pokémon capable of making good use of the Rain Dewgong summons.

    I hope I've helped you