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A week or so ago, after a long and tedious half-an-hour battle with the Warrior, I finally conquered True Vault Hunter Mode with my Siren. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of purchasing the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode DLC prior to defeating the Warrior, which means the time I can comfortably spend in TVHM is somewhat limited. At the moment, I'm focusing on finding some decent weaponry and I'm attempting to farm for Legendaries (unfortunately, my patience is quite thin and it's jarring having to kill a boss over and over again before your Legendary is received), but I'm wondering whether that's pointless and if I should just skip straight to UVHM. I hear on the grape vine that it's a torturous gauntlet right from the beginning, however, so I'm torn as to what to do. I'm mulling it over, and my limited patience will probably nudge me into getting destroyed by UVHM's difficulty.

I haven't found anything. Nothing. Not a solitary purple or blue pistol. Everything I kill, even those wretched badasses, is just dropping greens over and over again. While greens are, of course, a big step-up from whites (which are utter trash), I'm starting to get very irritated by my horrible luck. Even the weapons chests are throwing green after green after green at me. Seriously?

In other news, once I get enough Microsoft points, I shall be buying Kreig in due course; he looks like a really interesting and fun character to play with. The fact that he immolates himself for your benefit is enough to pull me in. I'll also get DLC4 when I can; hopefully it's a bit better than the last ones, which were a touch boring.
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