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    Originally Posted by Rodriguezjames55 View Post
    nope i'm Back tajaros gave me some of his sprites & i will much more active in summer time to finally update this tread after school
    school is over (technically i still have finals) 1st spirte of the summer

    (started with an easy one to get myself back in the game sue me) BTW instead of having a big front page listing the progress an constantly editing it im just going to have a download of all the sprites with credits will do that when finals are over

    EDIT day two of finals spriting has gotten less rusty to the point where In the PROCESS of making BLUE sprites (pokemon adventure not the american GREEN) they are works in process as of right now open to helpful criticism
    this is indexed

    this one is not index because it is no where near finished (IMO) it supposed to be a sprite of this
    again CONSTRUCTIVE criticism would help
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