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    Basically what People said about Iris i feel the same way.

    Cilan. He is the white version of Brock. And i personally think he is Gay and he is annoying as **** at least Brock was trying to get laid every episode. Brock also knew what he was talking about Cilan tries to compare everything.

    Trip brand new Trainer thinks he to cool for anyone else just because he beat Pikachu.

    Ash. He lost to someone who didn't even bring 6 Pokemon with him on a full Battle. Cameron never even registered on time to begin with as he had to beg Nurse Joy to let him enter which was just even more of an insult when he lost to him. He also chose the worst ****ing team possible to battle with when there should of been no reason he should of lost in the Unova league.

    N. This guy just pisses me off to no end. Mostly because he is the incarnation of Peta. He actually made Ash feel guilty about making Pokemon battle for him. That's just a dick move.
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