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    Well the thing, the way i play it, i play with a very search heavy strategy. It works pretty well and i only lost twice at league, both of which was due to a feebas only start. If i could i would run 3 catchers instead of the 3 switching ones. I would also carry more Ns if i had more and probably drop Bianca. Though its always good to be able to reshuffle my hand into my deck with colress and not affect my opponent. 1 stadium is use to counter frozen city for at least 1 turn. Usually i can prepare really well for one turn energy charge my Keldeos. 1 Tool scrapper is really important for the group that seems to be there. My roommate runs plasma badges for his darkrai in a dark water deck with articuno, umbreon, and beartics. This other person runs rock guard and multiple rocky helms. I would probably drop the eviolite if i had another float stone. Super Scoop Up and switch are just for specific times i need them. I could probably drop the revive for another rare candy for Battle Roads this sat. Since it helps power my almost complete Crobat deck.

    Either way i usually have Clear Search going and grab one Skyla just incase so i can call upon any trainer that happens to be not in my prize cards that can help save me in a bad situation. Also it doesnt seem like anyone there uses Hugh or N all that often if at all, so it seems okay to just overload my hand with all the stuff i need.

    I also added a Miltank into my deck to replace the Wartortle to help as a secondary cover to frozen city. By just damaging it 40 hp i can fully heal a Keldeo that i probably dropped all my energy onto and probably survives with like 30 hp.
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