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    Thanks guys...
    I suppose I could tell u a bit more about me...
    So I'm sixteen. I'll be seventeen in august.
    I started watching pokemon about 10 years ago and I have to say its one of the best animeshows... I started playing pokemon games on my gba and I had a lot of fun.
    I recently downloaded an emulator on my phone and I started playing again.
    I came to know a few hacks like liquid crystal and light platinum.
    I thought they were amazing. So I decided to learn how to hack gba roms.
    I've always wanted to play ds games but sadly never owned a ds.
    I used to make mugen games before.
    My favourite pokemon is Charizard.
    And I hope this doesnt offend anyone but all the pokemon from the sinno onwards suck.
    But that's just my opinion
    So that's about it... For now
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