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I'm a bit rusty on Digimon, but this look interesting :3 may join if I have time (and people don't fill up all the spaces).


Name: Kenta Nakamura

Nicknames/Aliases: Ken, Kenny (rarely)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
D-Arc Colors: Light green and grey.
Symbol: A symbol that reminds us of your character's best virtue, their best trait.
Family: Ken lives with his older sister, who is in her mid-twenties, due to their lack of parents. She works, as a rising managar, at a local restaurant. Together, they own a 2 year old Labrador, Fido.

Appearance: Kenta is tall for his age, standing at 5ft11. His ruffled, untidy hair is dyed a deep red - many people mistakenly think that he doesn't care about his appearance, however the disheveled look takes up a fair bit of Kenta's time. It's normally flung across one side of his forehead, almost covering his green-hazel eyes.

He rarely dresses to impress, normally wearing a dark t-shirt with torn jeans, always accompanied by black, fingerless-gloves. The gloves were, originally, his mother's - however he has edited and adjusted them over time.

Personality: Ken is calm and very forgiving, however his laid back attitude does lead to conflict, especially with his sister, Maki. He is often behind in his work, and only does the minimum of what needs to be done.

This does mean that he is rather easy going, and can get along with post people. He isn't the type of boy to start an argument, or behave aggressively. Anyone who picks a fight with Kenta will see he's much more likely to ignore them completely than defend himself and fight back. The background is where you're most likely to find Kenta, talking quietly to a friend or enjoying his own company.

History: The Nakamura siblings have lived together for five years, since the passing of their mother. Although they don't always get along, the pair manage to put up with each other and run the household. Between them, they raise money for their rent, cover all their chores and look after their dog, Fido.

Ken, spending most of his time alone, having very few friends at school. Due to his calm, and rather uninterested, nature he also has very few enemies - most of the other teenagers at his school at indifferent to him, blending in to the background.He has plenty of acquaintances, lots of fellow students who he can sit with and chat with at school, yet only one was worth his trust.

Nick, a transfer student from Europe, interested Kenta from the moment they met. They were both members of the engineering club at school, and eventually became good friends. Other than Fido, Nick is one of the few people Ken trusts.

He has grown up to be very independent and self-fulfilling, tending not to rely on others (other than Maki, occasionally) and get things done himself.

Other: Kenta is co-captain of the engineers club at High School, although he rarely attends. He is great at fixing old pieces of machinery and so the younger students appreciate his help from time to time.

Theme: Junketsu Paradox - Mizuki Nana

Digimon: Dorimon

Current level: In-training
Baby - Dodomon
In-training - Dorimon
Rookie - Dorumon
Champion - Dorugamon
Ultimate - Dorugraymon
Mega - Dorugoramon
Metal Drop: Dorimon spits an iron bead at its enemy, normally followed by an angry charge.
Appearance: Dorimon's ears have silver tips, a slight discolouration from other dorimons.

Personality: Dorimon is very impulsive, loving to try new things and take (sometimes stupid) risks. Dorimon is also quite an angry individual, he is rash and acts hastily from his frustration. Kenta is much the opposite, working as a calming agent and hopefully having a positive effect on Dorimon's violent ways.

History: Growing up in the Digiworld wastelands, Dorimon had to fight to survive. He was constantly attacked, bullied and defeated - however, he still tried to hold his ground against the larger digimon. In the human world, Dorimon quickly became scared - the new surroundings and new threats were too much for the small drifting digimon. He took to hiding during the day, prowling the green parks during the night.

RP Sample: Forgotten

Beep, beep, beep. The line was still down. I had been trying to call for days now, there was still no change, no reply. Nobody at school knew anything either, the teachers made up excuses and assured everyone that this was normal. However, this wasn't like Nick.

Four days of school missed, a phone number which no longer worked and an empty house. He has practically vanished from town, gone without a trace. I knew something was wrong, why would he just up and leave? Nothing could have been more out of character for Nick.

"You OK?" Questioned my sister, Maki, as I got home from another lonely day at school. I had already told he about the sudden disappearance. Although she didn't seem too worried herself, she didn't blow me off completely, "I'll ask around at work if anyone has seen Nick's Dad. Mr Bennett is always coming in for business meetings and things - maybe someone has spotted him."

I appreciated the thought, grunting in agreement as I carried myself through the lounge and straight to my room. The television I had been meaning to fix was spread out in bits, across the floor - the engineering club would have to wait a while longer, I hadn't been feeling very productive. Fido, our dog, had managed to lie between the pointed, sharp pieces of metal and plastic. He looked oddly comfortable amongst the mess, but leaped up to greet me nonetheless.

"Hey boy," I murmured, scratching his ear - guiding him towards my bed. Reaching in to the side-table, I picked out a dog treat for him.

I wish I was so easily pleased, I thought to myself, watching my eager puppy bounce around in anticipation. I stopped, laughing to myself, my overreaction had been huge. Nick hadn't returned a call? So what? It wasn't the first time he had had a family emergency back in Europe, maybe he forgot his phone charger - who knows, there could be loads of reasons, I thought.

A loud whistle broke my chain of thought, the text-message sound on my mobile.

A blocked number?...
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