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    Jericho Godbane
    Ruins of Oerba: Finally Ghasts

    Aurora and Daniel were talking when the former suddenly ran ahead of us. Jericho squinted to see whatever caught the guard's interest, but could not see anything except the usual shadowed figures, which Jericho assumed to be rocks. Suddenly, Aurora shouted.

    "It's ghasts!" First thing Jericho thought was, Wow. I can't believe somebody can shout like that. Then, what she said blew him away. Ghasts?! He pulled out Grimaxe and bounded after Aurora. True to her word, there were really ghasts. In fact, Jericho counted seven of them, all crystalline in nature. Wow. They're amazing. Standing at almost five and a half foot, the crystalline monsters were unlike any monsters Jericho saw before. Unlike normal ghasts, which partly resemble humans, this ghasts were covered by blue spike-like protrusions in places all over their body. Their left hands were also bigger than the other. A red "eye" was placed in the middle of their midsection.

    "Ghasts! Save me some of the blue scales for the spoils! I will do my blacksmith-thing afterwards!"

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