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    Finally time to begin! Before I do though, I will be putting in when I find a "Life Plate", as they are relevant to this particular hack, just I'd have to catch all the Pokemon first.

    -Received Running Shoes, Bike, and (no idea why) GB Sounds
    -Received Senkei/Chikorita (F, Lv.5)
    NB: This should provide more of a challenge to me, as I've never used Chikorita or any of its evolutions.
    -Received the Pokegear (henceforth abbreviated to PG)
    -Registered Prof. Elm in the PG
    -Senkei learned Razor Leaf
    -Arrived in Cherrygrove City and received both the Old Rod and the Map Card from the "Guide Gent"
    -Saved progress for now


    Senkei/Chikorita (F, Lv.7)
    Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf
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