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    In 2001, the program known as the D-Reaper attempted to delete and absorb both the human and Digital Worlds due to its belief of their going beyond a specific amount of lifeforms, as well as the despair within a one Katou Juri's heart. On both sides, a war raged to stop this creature from destroying everything both existences held dear. Eventually, Japanese children known as “Digimon Tamers” rose up and were able to save Kato Juri, and defeat the D-Reaper. The world was left in confusion as the red mass shrank away from them, and peace returned as suddenly as it had been taken.

    Though the Digimon had to return home on that day, they left their mark on this world. Corpses, destruction, scandal, all of these carried on as an event for the history books. Despite this, the games continued, life went on, and the world led on into peace.

    Until now.

    Thirteen years after the events of the D-Reaper, something has shaken the evolving Digital World to its core. Whatever that something is, the human world is left defenseless to the tremors of the Earth and the bizarre weather patterns that have begun afflicting it. Odd patches of fog have been appearing frequently all over the world, leaving corpses and destruction in their wake. People have been disappearing. International governments have taken notice and the media has been having a frenzy.

    Soon, it will be affecting you as well. The DigiGnomes decree it.


    You are a young, or even old, person in New York. Perhaps you have lived here all of your life, or are visiting for an exchange program, or just a lowly tourist. Whatever the case may be, you are here now and that is all that matters. You go about your life as normal, accepting things as they are. Maybe you've kept your eyes on the news and the odd events that have been going on lately. Maybe you hate the news and say: that's crap. It hasn't happened to you, so it never will. That's okay. You're normal right now.

    You won't be for much longer.

    You're about to be hit (perhaps literally) by something the world was trying to avoid remembering: a Digimon, or even an egg that could be a Digimon. How you take the event is up to you, but I wouldn't recommend running away. With that Digimon will be a strange device, almost a toy. There will also be a diamond pendant of some sort. An odd symbol will be engraved inside it. Try as you might, you will not be able to recognize it. You probably won't be able to recognize much of anything.

    Battles await you. So can friendships, romances, developments in ways people haven't thought of in years, not since wars. The worlds are colliding. Get ready.

    Soon, the Digital World will be swinging its gates wide open again. Will you be going through them? That depends. Will you live long enough to find out?


    The RP will be done in “episodes”. Typically, an episode will be split into two parts. If there are specific quests or plots that roleplayers suggest or I think of that are important, there will be a spoiler tag for that player. Other players in the roleplay can interfere in these if they want to. That's part of the fun. All suggestions are for VM or PM.

    Unless they are mentioned to be played by the GM, NPCs can mostly be played by roleplayers. The same goes for minor antagonists.


    Digimon- Creatures made and evolved from data in the network. They are capable of many amazing feats and even evils. Mostly they stay in their own world, but sometimes they seek out humans, mostly for power.

    Digital World- The place where everything is currently going wrong and where Digimon mostly live. This incarnation of the Digital World is rather different from the others. Information regarding this can be found here.

    D-Arc- The “Digivice” used by a Tamer. Is capable of evolution, data storage, and Card Slash function, as well as a compass and watch. Other features have previously been employed, they just can't be accessed yet. Image here.

    Tamer- A human partnered to a Digimon. Can be from a toddler to an old man, though it usually is a title given to children, ironically enough

    Card Slash (Digi-Modify)- Digimon trading cards when slashed through the slot on the right slide (in just the right fashion, mind you) are capable of temporarily granting Digimon powers beyond their norm.

    Digimon Trading Cards-Trading cards usually used for the Digimon card game now employed in the Card Slash technique. Examples include: Power, Speed, Hyper Wing, Radiant Fate. Full list will eventually be included

    Indigo Card- A mysterious card that falls from the sky to unsuspecting humans once in a while. Perhaps it is the initiator of Matrix Evolution. No one knows. But wait... wasn't that what the Blue Card was for?

    Four Holy Beasts- Four incredibly advanced Digimon who fought against the D-Reaper many years ago. They've been uncharacteristically quiet in response to these events.

    Levels (Japanese/English) -I use the Japanese terminology in regards to this sort of thing but I will provide the English terms barring the D-Arc.

    Baby 1/Baby
    Baby 2/In-Training

    • Digimon can be up to Adult Level when you first get them. No Perfects, no Ultimates, not even MarinAngemon. He's cute but also can destroy a city block if he put his mind to it.
    • Child and Adult Level Digimon will be harder to evolve them and they will be a little weaker as a result. They will also be harder to bond with, be it either in personality or in focus. They will likely be a lot less trusting, trustworthy, or caring in regards to a Tamer if they have lived in the World that they have long enough to evolve that far
    • Digimon received as an egg or Baby level will naturally be weaker in a combat scenario, but they will have an easier time evolving and bonding with their Tamer. They are young and easily impressionable.
    • Humans cannot attack anything beyond a Child level and expect to kill it. You will be lucky if you can knock it out. Granted, humans can fight anything beyond that themselves all they want. It's their death sentence. However, killing Digimon as a human is difficult. If you've been trained in martial arts or murder (explain this backstory because that sounds awesome), we will expect it from you more than the random high school student with nothing but his MP3 player.
    • When/if your Digimon dies, it must be cleared with the GM. Because it stays dead. There is no Village of Beginnings. Then you have a few options after that, which you need to PM the game master about because it gets complicated.
    • Child levels cannot easily ram a Perfect level across a field. They'll have trouble with Adult levels until after a few fights. Notable exceptions are Combat Species Digimon, such as Guilmon or Dracomon, which would arguably have something else lacking in response to this.
    • Unless you have an “Evolution” card, any Digimon evolution will be difficult to achieve as it is, but downright impossible if you start with an Adult level.


    1. Follow all PC rules. Kind of a given, but still.
    2. Bunnying without asking is a no-no.
    3. A paragraph to me is about three to six sentences. A post should be at least that, if not higher in regards to PC roleplaying guides.
    4. If you want to interact with someone for a longer period of time, either have a joint post or make appropriate length posts with each other. If the other person suddenly up and disappears, at most, you have a week before you ask permission to bunny that person and move on.
    5. That being said, one post a week at least. If I disappear, I'll try and leave a short message and explain what to do after that. If you don't appear after a week, I will VM you. Two weeks, you and your spot are gone.
    6. No god-modding the fights or... anything. Everyone has their weaknesses.
    7. Feel free to offer any new ideas to me. I will gladly take a look at them.
    8. This roleplay is rated M for violence and cursing. Keep our romance on the downlow. :D
    9. I will be making any final decisions, unless I have a sudden absence in which a temporary one will take my place. I will choose them.
    10. If there is a problem, please tell me. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.
    11. Break any rule more than twice and I have to boot you. No exceptions.
    12. Have as much fun as you can!


    Sign ups will be taken up to eight days after this is accepted. There will be no reservations so as many people can post sign ups as they wish. I will be choosing them based on quality and how the character will be with others.

    After the initial selection, if there are still open slots, any non-accepted members will be allowed to edit their SU to try again while the RP starts. They have until the first episode is finished to do so.

    If someone is kicked out, I will VM a non-accepted member and offer them the spot.


    Age: (Preferably between 10-30, but older and... maybe younger characters are welcome, depending on the quality)
    Family: (Family members, occupations or lack there of, age)
    Occupation: (Do we have a job? Where?)
    Appearance: (Image, but one paragraph minimum preferred)
    History: (Two paragraphs minimum)
    Personality: (two paragraphs minimum, displaying both good and bad points)
    Other: (Are there certain areas they excel in? Can they paint? Do they study kung-fu?)
    Theme: (Optional. If your character has a theme song, show it off!)

    Evolutions: (Their evolution line, Baby to Ultimate. We never know if those things come up.)
    Appearance: (Is there anything different about them, compared to other Digimon?)
    Moves: (To find the moves of your partner, DMA-Digidex or Wikimon are good sources. )
    History: (If they were an egg, this may not be as necessary, but other than that, what lifestyle did they live? Did they want or need a Tamer? One paragraph minimum)
    Personality: (One paragraph minimum, describing how our Digimon acts, what kind of bond they may eventually have with their Tamer, etc.
    D-Arc Color/Colors: Up to two
    Symbol: A symbol that reminds us of your character's best virtue, their best trait.

    RP Sample: Give me a normal day, any day before the big bang occurred. Their time in school, if they go to work, how much they chat with their parents. Did anything weird happen to them before the RP began? Show it off. This will be a deciding factor on my acceptance of your sign-up.)

    1.Lark Cadence Felix (Fuyu)
    2. Nikholas Parsson (EliteBeats)
    3. Adrian Fitzgerald (YogiOne)
    4. Gavin Rhodes (Colony)
    5. Kenta Nakamura (SwiftSign)
    6. Kalista Rose (Nickle4Pickle)
    7. Noemi Calder (Grif of Hearts)
    8. Natalie Delgado (First Snow)

    EPISODE 1: Did Anybody Get The Number Of That Meteorite?

    Part A

    “Good morning, New York! This is Axe Anderson telling you how fabulous it could be on August 5th, 2014 if you like bitter wind! Today we have a forecast of DOOM for everyone hoping for that sunshine! Sorry to say that today will be cloudy with a chance of rain in the afternoon, with temperatures down in the forties. Also, everyone be careful when on the roads on their way to work today. There have been a lot of foggy areas with accidents, particularly on the sidestreets. Slow your speed and listen here on Channel 28 for your traffic coverage! Back to you, Mary-Anne!”

    “Thanks Axe for the cheerful outlook on today. Everyone, as our weatherman said keep an eye on that thermometer. The temperatures could drop even lower so everyone shut their windows. Also, walk brisk and follow the traffic signs and keep those stranger danger rules in your head. We've had some missing people cropping up in none-too-good condition in alleys over the past few weeks and no one wants to be them! There are still quite a few missing, including the following:

    Thirty-year old Jacob Miller, a New York Times reporter, missing since June 23rd

    Seven-year-old Alicia Saunders, elementary schooler, missing since June 9th

    Twenty-year-old Mikayla Smith, tourist from Wales, missing since July 8th

    Seventy-three year old Simon Marx, retired school teacher, missing since July 15th

    And fifty-five year old Derrick Walker and his daughter sixteen-year-old Lillian Walker, missing since July 19th

    If you have seen any of these people, please call or leave a tweet. You can find out how to do so on or from the number on your screen.

    Now, in other news...

    Today's news report. Chipper as always huh? That's how it's been for the past few days here in the Big Apple. Rather small and depressing if you ask me, but you aren't. Too bad.

    Welcome to the morning. Go through a part of your day. At some point, you will notice something is wrong, very wrong. You aren't sure what it is. You aren't even sure why, other than the fact that it's chilly in August and that's just not right. Well, you keep right not walking on. That's how you gotta do things, or... well, you'll probably just go insane.

    You might already be insane though. You never know.

    At any rate, you start for your walk to... somewhere. Your house, the bookstore, a cafe, somewhere where you just weren't. Or maybe you took a car. It's going to get totaled someday by a reckless driver.

    Either way, you are on your feet and you're moving when suddenly you are flat on your back. (For some of you this might be a real problem.) While you weren't paying attention, something knocked you over like a giant bowling ball. It could be an egg the size of a computer monitor from the late nineties or it could be a weird monster.

    You've just met your Digimon. Hello.


    -You CAN interact with other roleplayers, but that's up until you get the Digimon. Then you have to be alone and stuff.

    -After you get the Digimon, you can talk about what you did afterward if you want to. You don't have to. You can just wait until I post part B.

    -I won't wait for everyone to post before we move on, except for the end of an episode. Then I will wait a couple of days before posting the next episode.
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