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Originally Posted by danks_ View Post
Username: danks_
Favorite Character: Marshall Lee (kinda obvious)
What time is it?: 11:59, coffeeeeee timeeeeeeeee

How did you find out about Adventure Time?
I saw the pilot released on 2007 on youtube and have been following it since it first aired on 2010 :)
Originally Posted by angelomanalo View Post
Username: angelomanalo
Favorite Character: Finn, he's kinda cute
What time is it? Adventure Time!
Jake: You're a babe in the woods!

How did you find out about Adventure Time?
I first watched the pilot on Nickelodeon. Then a few years later, they started making a show, and I was like, "Whoa, Adventure Time has its own show?!"
Welcome to the club you two!!

Sorry about my lack of activity. Here. I'll answer the last topic now.

How did you find out about Adventure Time?
It was back in 2011. I remember a lot of people saying good things about it so I decided to record episodes on my DVR day. I forget they were there for a while until I went to watch one. The first episode I saw was Susan Strong. I found it too weird for my taste so I erased all the recordings and never watched it for a while. Then about a year later, I found the pilot online and thought I watch it. I thought it was funny and had me somewhat interested in trying the show again. It wasn't till this year when I did. I watched the pilot again and found it more amusing then it was when I watched it several months ago so I decided to look for more episodes. I happened to find Her Parents on YouTube and thought it was really funny so I decided to record more episodes on my DVR and now look where I am.

On the whole new Grayble episode.
The graybles were unique this time around. Despite Cuber not mentioning the theme, it was obvious to me that it was "parenting".(Though according to the Adventure Time wiki says the them was the five stages of grief I don't really get how, though. ) They were all "kinds of dad stories" according to the previews so that gave it away for me. It's still surprising how fast Rainicorn age to me seeing how Jake Jr. is almost 30 already. I can sort understand at her age that she wouldn't want to be treated like a kid, but hey, I totally would build a time machine with Jake if I were her. The Lemongrabs' grayble with that Lemon-Sweets thing creeped me out a bit. Loved how Ice King said "algebraic". I think it's been a while since we heard that in the show, lol.
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