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Time for the first 100% new content update! Oh boy!

Part Twenty: Down with the Telemarketers
Or using RANBRAGE for one thing.


Last time, we beat up a bishop looking monster. Let's see what it can do!

It can be... extremely friendly and has its name change to o.

I have no idea why. Let's just go back to Liz Island.

On the way there:

'Attack enemy by laping two wing.' Hmm. A very cultured monster, this.

That was quick.

Sure did! Let's just call them.

I guess this is how you do it, from memory...

You... want to give Not-Sandslash a R-gun?

...He beat you up, RANBRAGE.

No, I'm using telepathy.

Wait, where-


And from the heavens did descend RAMBRAGE, and all was Engrish.

See? I told you he descended from heaven.

Christ isn't very happy at the moment it seems.

It's awfully hard to understand what exactly is being said around now. =/

Like what, exactly?

You tell that Christ what to do, Bek.

At least he is a well natured guy, I suppose? Or was Bek making a threat there?


That's quite some special effects there, I guess.

Wait, what?

Didn't we just want to try and stop it being transmitted? :/

Or did we? I'm not sure anymore. I don't think the game is sure either.

In other words...

What happened was that RAMBRAGE did stop the e-wave. (Whatever that is exactly). But it still works fine for Bek's phone.

Because it is too special.

Good work explaining yourself out of that plothole, game! I don't think the Engrish is even at fault for this here.

And by we...

...we mean Bek.

Well, to be fair we've already seen what a walkover they are, and that was before the extra grinding done to beat RAMBRAGE...

Great teamwork! What you don't see is the sheep thing walk into a house and stay there for the rest of the game instead of helping out. :V

Damn straight RAMBRAGE isn't quite as quick at bashing up stuff as you.

Let's do this.

Deal with it.

I suppose that's one way to deal with it.

Who have come back?

As with the bad guys (or guies) in the sea or caves, they disappear once you beat them and force them to say something confusing.


Yay for levels.

Ah ah, you are right.

I'm just showing a few of the snippets of odd text you get from these mooks.

It has been back indeed!

Soon enough they're all gone, and so Bek goes to report back to...whoever that sheep guy is.

That's... one way to put it, Bek?

It's odd how half the time plot-concerned NPCs end up behind the text bubbles.

What an odd term.

Probably a fat one. Gee, I hope it's not Jabba the Hutt. =(

Sounds legit!

Bek makes a long boring spiel about wanting more friends.

Oh, you're going to help us?

Clearly not. What was really meant by the above is 'go find him yourself lol'. =/

The heck did sheep guy disappear off to...?

Previously, this one was standing in the way! Now we can actually see the inner parts of the island!

This has been another poorly constructed sentence presented by Telefang.

Trees everywhere, and not a master of island in sight. Guess what we look for next update!?