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    "Kitty-cat, you awake?"


    Kit brushed her purple hair out of her face one last time and sniffed her hat. Yep, she had washed it right! Thank goodness. No one liked smelly hats or smelly hair. That was for sure. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a large, bulky form moving on the other side of the curtains. She grinned and sprang up off of her hammock, tackling Jake onto the bed. "KIT ATTACK!"

    Jake let out a bark of laughter, easily grabbing her by the shoulders and rolling her onto his bed. "You think a kitty like you can stop me? I might just gobble you up for that!" Kit giggled and blew air into his face, only to squeal as he lifted her up and began to carry her out. "There's no choice," he declared, all grave sobriety. "It's time for the seasoning! We'll cut up some leeks and carrots and I shall have a kitty stew!"

    "But there's no bread," she protested, still giggling like a small child.

    Jake frowned before smirking again. "Bears don't need bread everyday, but they do need meat and you have just enough!" Kit squeaked and wriggled away, bolting into the tiny kitchenette.

    "Eat bacon!" she cried, throwing a slice at him. He snatched it and grinned, making ridiculous chomping noises.

    "Not enough!" he growled. "I still hunger!"

    "So make more!" Kit shouted, grin threatening to break her cheeks.

    "Bears don't make food! They eat it!"

    "Too bad!" She went to start the eggs. Omelettes were always good for bears named Jake.


    Jake glanced up from the news... and his sandwich. "Nasty business out there," he muttered as Kit rearranged her 'room' to semi-neatness, dragging out a hamper. "All those dead folks who musta just been minding their own business." He chewed thoughtfully before adding, "You be a careful kitty out there today, okay?"

    "Yes, sir~" Kit agreed well-enough. "Spots will lead me in the right way; I'm sure of it!" Spots, her latest puppy friend, had been keeping a lookout for things. She didn't quite understand why. She didn't mind; he was always fun to chase around. She planted her hat on her head. "Be careful outside Jake, it's really cold today! Maybe there's an ice rink in the streets!" She snapped on her running shoes, looking at her pants for any trace of dust or paint.

    "Don't fall in those shoes then," he replied with a smirk as she grabbed her violin case. Lark waved a lazy hand. "And don't give that ol' girl any trouble neither!"

    Kit saluted and ran down the apartment stairs, waving at old Mr. Ferbes and his teacup. The door swung shut with a click and she was off, hat straps whooshing in the wind. Within seconds of dodging people in the mildly crowded streets, she heard the delighted bark of Spots and saw his delightful dalmatian tail. "Lead the way, buddy!" she chirped at him and the dog obeyed, trotting up to a stop sign and waiting.

    Such a good dog. You like dogs.

    Kit blinked fuzzily. "Huh?" She looked around and most people were just going right past her. "Mewri!~ how weird..." She chased after Spots again, eventually reaching the warm sign of Magnolia Bakery.

    "Hat off, Kit!~"

    "Kay, Miss Maisie~" She hurried to put her hat on the hook and roll the apron on. She brushed her purple hair down to rest all around her ears and avoid her face. Within seconds, she was there, waiting for the first customers of the morning to arrive for their breakfast. "G'morning," she called, smiling her enthusiastic "how-can-I-help-you" smile at the chime of the bell. "Anyway I can help you out?"
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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