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a/n - The reviews of my previous flash fiction have flattered me .///. I'll keep in mind those reviews from now on. Anyway, this one is another thing for the flash fiction challenge. I hope it's at least a wee bit better in than my older one XD I actually started this one waay back February, I think. So yeah, this is another one of my lame excuse for writing :p


Get your own teleportation device now!

August 27

Public transportation is now obsolete. Get your own teleportation device now!

A strange poster appeared in the subway station, just beside the stairs that take you in and out of the establishment.

Spend no more to get to where you want to be. Get your own teleportation device now!

It started appearing in bus terminals, taxi stations, and train stations all throughout the world.

No need to leave the house to travel. Get your own teleportation device now!

Word has it that these posters mysteriously appeared out of thin air.

September 10

It has been two weeks since the ‘teleportation device’ poster phenomena have occurred. It has caught the attention of various groups of people. Religious groups claim that this is the work of the devil. They attribute the mysterious appearance of these posters as invisible devils putting up the posters just behind everyone’s ears. On the other hand, scientists claim that whoever put up those posters must be part of an activist group that is trying to raise awareness of their advancement in science. However, the media claims that there had been no witnesses of whoever was putting up those posters, even false claims were nonexistent. The world is bewildered by the mystery of the teleportation device poster, now more popularly dubbed as “TD posters.”

September 11

The very next day, four planes crashed. Amidst the mass hysteria caused by the claimed terrorist attack, the TD posters mysteriously disappeared, along with the memories that such posters actually existed.
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