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    Originally Posted by ANARCHit3cht View Post
    Best fri--what? I have never had one of those. Whether it is because of me, or other people, there has never really been anyone that I would label as my "Best" friend. I mean, I suppose by the definition of Best I technically do have one, but that doesn't mean that I have any good friends... I think I'd wait for someone to come along who actually truly embodies what it means to be a "best friend" before I actually go around starting to label someone as this. I think that with a lot of people, it is a pretty pointless title that holds very little meaning. Often I find, that for these people, they think they person that they hang out with the most is their best friend, but their often wrong. Their BEST friend, is the one that will always have their back no matter what... through the the thick and the thin.
    This is it for me too. I have lots of good friends I've met through work, school, and through other friends, but either they moved, or I moved, so it sucks that we can't talk or hang out often (or at all anymore.) I can't really call them a best friend.. and I used to think I had one until I realized.. I really didn't matter to them. No one has ever really had my back even though I've gone out of my way for them a lot of times. Left me not being able to trust anyone fully, so I doubt I ever will have a "best" friend in that sense. I'm not really that bothered because I have a handful of good friends that give me good laughs and I enjoy their company a lot. But when things get down to it, through the thick and the thin, I can really only trust to rely on myself.
    However, I guess, the one person (who isn't family) that I really can trust is my boyfriend, so perhaps in a sense he is my best friend. I met him on PC about 6 years ago.
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