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    Kit chuckled a little at the couple, rummaging through the cash register again. "Wait a sec, wait a sec," she chirped, pointing at the person who had been after Rhodey and commanding for three dollars and twenty-four cents. "Him first, everyone~ Jessiebelle?"

    "Jessie, you daft kitten," commented a voice. The male went sliding past, black spikes almost slapping her in the face. "How many coffees?" Kit counted, watching the people order them and take their seats.

    "Mm... six! And grab two bear claws and take those happy folks!" She brushed at her apron, moving money around. Wonder how Jake's doing... Today sure is busy. She would have to remember to buy him a brownie at the end of her shift. And to go grocery shopping. Yep.

    The male grinned and waved at Natalie and Nikk. "I'll take your orders right here. It'll be a nice total of $7.23 for two. Anything else?" The muscular teen looked so out of place there it was ridiculous. However, Kit knew him well enough. He liked the smell of things baking more than he liked burning. Hence why he was here, and his silly little brother was out there.

    Kit helped Adrian with a tiny little grin. "Enjoy sir! Who is next?" She giggled. She loved this job. "Maisie, we need a refill on the bear claws!"

    "I recommend the sugar cookies, a fruit salad, or one of the paninis. They're flat out of luck on the claws for at least ten minutes."

    Kit nodded. "Mewri~ You got it ma'am!" A familiar customer came in and she waved, taking his order and watching him go. Kenta was a nice guy, a bit of a quiet fellow with something going on in his head. However, he was a regular and she could appreciate good business. Maybe someday she could get him to talk about it. Not today though.

    She gave Madame Dubois a small smile, like she was not being bombarded with work. "Would you like to order?"
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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