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Vacations are here. I should be able to get a lot of work done in the next 2 months. I already started working on the main engine and I have written a font renderer as well as a fast menu screen for testing. The font renderer already has 3 fonts to work with but you can also implement your own. Unfortunately, I have not provided any way to change the character table but I will most likely add this when I have time, it should not take long.

Here is a picture displaying all three fonts with every single characters for each one of them.

And here are two pictures of the new menu

All three boxes will start a new game in a random map, there is no game saving ability for now and there won't be for a while, doing the essential first.

The boxes when selected turn green and flash yellow every seconds, exactly like in the real game.

Other than that, I finally made it possible to dump the game from the map editor into an actual game file which the engine can read but can't be loaded in the map editor. (File that is released for others to play, not an actual map editor project)

The engine can already read the game file. Here is a map I made in the map editor and is being rendered in the game

Next up: animations and player
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