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Gavin "Rhodey" Rhodes

Rhodey had already returned his chair to its proper upright position and was now sitting. By the time he had finished his first bear claw a flood of customers had arrived.It was all rather overwhelming to Rhodey that a little shop like this was so busy, but anything for those morning sweets, right? There was even a young couple waiting in line. To be honest they seemed a little bit weird, but maybe that was just how they appeared. He moved his attention back to his own thoughts, focusing on this new opportunity to prove himself to a record label. It was so exciting to think they could end up being stars if it went well. He was really giddy at the prospect, after all, he did just yell out a few moments before. Rhodey just smiled and took a large bite from the second bear claw. While munching s few choice words piqued his intrigue.

"Have you had anything strange happen to you?"

The couple that he had previously spotted were talking about weird things happening to their phones. It struck Rhodey as odd table talk to bring up something like that. What made it even weirder was the fact that he had also witnessed some crazy electronic problems recently, like that egg appearing on the screen at the concert, even though the power was out. He quickly finished up his second bear claw and walked over to the couple's table. They were now discussing some old songs and glee, neither of which Rhodey liked. He crouched down by their table and made a massive Cheshire grin. That was something Rhodey had been practicing, but I don't think he knew that a lot of people might find it a little odd for someone like him to give them such an auspicious smile.

"So you guys were having weird problems with electronics too? I know exactly what you're talking about. It happened to me just last night."

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