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    I like the idea you have for Skarmory, going for an offensive set over a defensive set, which, considering that Skarmory is mostly used defensively, will be an interesting strategy.

    I'm not a fan of Galvantula due to it's various weaknesses, including a weakness to Stealth Rock, and that combined with it's rather frail defenses is not a good thing. Compoundeyes is a decent ability, though. 75% accuracy is about 100% accurate with this ability. If you are determined to keep Galvantula, replace Electro Web and Giga Drain with Ice Hidden Power and Energy Ball. HP Ice defeats Flying-types and Energy Ball is a more powerful Grass-type move that defeats Ground- and Rock-types that present a threat to it.

    Froslass is a great Suicide Lead for offensive teams like this one. You have a nice set, but being a suicide lead, it shouldn't use Pain Split to recover health (because that's not the point of using it). I'd give it Taunt instead to prevent the opposing team from using entry hazards or setting up for a sweep. I also like Destiny Bond over Ice Beam since that basically prevents you from being KO'd in against the first Pokemon on the opposing team and will basically ensure that Froslass does not die in vein. This does need to be accompanied by the Focus Sash and Timid Nature to make sure it can use Destiny Bond before most leading Pokemon can even attack it.