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    Kali Rose
    Kali was surprised to see the girl behind the counter suddenly unplug the cash register, but not surprised enough to miss the girl's return compliment. "Aw, thanks so much!" She twisted her hips to make her skirt twirl a bit around her. She then handed the girl $15. "Keep the change, OK?" She offered with a smile.

    She giggled a bit at the exchange between the girl and the guy that appeared to help with the sudden influx of customers. When he winked at her and Crystal, she blushed and her friend made a cute little happy sound.

    When the TV got turned on, Kali didn't even bother to turn around. She didn't want to hear about any of the horrible things that were happening lately. She was trying so hard to ignore the TV that she almost missed the girl's question.

    "Huh? ...Oh, yes. We're from Tennessee, actually, here on a French class trip to see Les Mis," Kali beamed at the thought of getting to see her first Broadway musical later that evening. "As for packs, well, we have to stay with our 'traveling buddies.'" At that, Crystal and Kali linked arms and giggled to themselves.

    The girls then grabbed their purchases and bid the bakery workers a good day. They had just sat down with a couple of their classmates when a loud "Slap!" was heard throughout the tiny shop. Kali outright jumped a few inches in her seat, and Crystal shot the guy who burst out laughing a cold glare.

    "What was that?" Kali asked as her head whipped around, searching for the source of the sound. She then spotted a guy who had very obviously been slapped square across the cheek. She watched on as he held up a couple of papers in front of himself; it looked like he was appologizing for something.

    Once she determined the situation wasn't a dangerous one, she returned to her hot chocolate. She blew on it a bit, and took a sip. Ah, heaven! The flavor was rich, but not overwhelming.

    Kali then went to slice her muffin in half to butter it, but she realized she didn't have a knife. "I'll be right back. Anybody need anything while I'm up?"

    A "no thanks," came from Crystal and Joseph, a junior. "Can you grab me a couple of sugars?" Ryan, a fellow senior, asked.

    "Sure thing!" Kali smiled as she hopped up and over to the counter once more.

    As she grabbed her knife, she caught the cashier girl's eye. "What just happened?" She jabbed her thumb in the direction of the guy that got slapped, then picked up a couple of sugar packets.
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