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    Originally Posted by rookatalanta View Post
    Hi! I recently started playing this game and I have to say it is very high-quality. Your team has done a fantastic job on it, and it's the most well-done fan game I have played so far despite it being unfinished.

    -I also encountered the error where my game would crash after talking to the Rich Boy in Anano City.

    - In the Anano City Pokemon Center, after battling the butler on the second floor, he has a message error that reads: "You're a great trainer, /PN." I assume the player name was supposed to go in there (/PN) but something isn't working to where it does.

    -The very first ladder I encounter in the cave east of Anano City is not accessible to me. No matter which direction I walk toward it at, it doesn't let me use it. The other ladder deeper in the cave works, but only if I walk on it from above/behind it.

    Related to the ladders: Do I need to access these to find the second "suspicious guy" behind stealing the little girl's Zigzagoon? I was able to battle the first Roughneck and defeat him, but I can't seem to find his cohort anywhere.

    -I started with a Totodile, who soon learned the attack "Rage," only the attack does not seem to work as it is supposed to, because no matter how many times my opponent hit Totodile, the attacking power of Rage did not increase (despite the text saying his rage was "building.")

    Dislikes/Wish Was Different
    --On my wishlist would be that the game apparatus could be increased in size (such as dragging the borders of the screen like you can with Visual Boy Advance games). Not sure if that is do-able, but it would be something that I appreciate.

    --I was able to get used to it fairly quickly, but I know that some people are going to dislike that the game controls are what buttons they currently are.

    1. Beautiful graphics and maps.

    2. The game has an excellent soundtrack that is both modern and fresh. You can hear that basic undertone of a "Pokemon" track but the music truly is unique. Due to that, something that in previous games might have grown tiresome, such as level-grinding by battling legions of wild Pokemon is less boring.

    3. I appreciate the simple fact that all the dialogue has correct spelling and grammar. I have played more than a few fan games that did not have this, and it detracted from the quality of my experience.

    4. I like that there are Trainer battles so close to the starting town.

    I look forward to playing more of this game, and I hope these comments are helpful.
    Thank you very much! They have been very helpful indeed :)

    Originally Posted by sashimi View Post

    Go on options and change the screen size to 512x384
    Then press alt and enter.
    Its not full screen but it makes it larger.

    Oh, and the synchronize ability is glitched. It works for paralysis and poison, but not the sleep status.
    I'll look into it!

    Originally Posted by Azhar 0 View Post
    its the demo version. where is the full version
    The game is not finished yet, as the first post says.