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Glad to be apart of this, guys! Now let's get crackin' with that sign up sheet...

Character name: Lutaro
Age: 40
Class: Manakete (more specifically, Ice Dragon Manakete)
Appearance: As you all likely know, to be only age 40 is very young for a manakete, and Lutaro is no exception. He has the voice and physique of a ten-year-old. He has soft, straight, very messy/greasy brown hair and light blue eyes. He wears a raggedy pair of brown short-shorts, and a shirt slightly too big for him, with a large tear at the very bottom. He has a bag wrapped around the upper portion of his leg, acting as a pocket of sorts, where he holds his Dragonstone. He also wears a very bland pair of boots. He wears fingerless gloves, and is always carrying around a slightly-worn, light blue blanket (which conveniently wraps around his left wing whenever he transforms).
Personality: Lutaro is a very soft-spoken individual. He lacks the social ability to properly approach other people around him, no matter the situation. And when he's being spoken too, he tends to back out a little, clutching tightly to the blanket in his hands. He also has little self-worth, and would very likely argue against being compared to someone else on the team under the belief that he doesn't even come close to he/she whom is being compared to. He is very hard to become close to due to his rather awkward nature, but if you can manage to actually do so, he can be somewhat clingy, always finding reasons to talk to said individual, and will guard the person with his life should it be necessary. He also has a firm hatred of all brigands, easily gaining him a heavy dislike of any thieves. He has a strong moral compass opposing all who cause any beings any sort of harm, and can only find it in himself to harm such people and no others... even if merely in jest.
History: Lutaro was born, secluded from most of society, by a Mother whom was an Ice Dragon, and a Father whom was an ordinary human being (I'll leave their meeting and relationship up to the viewer's interpretation). The young manakete was raised happily and pleasantly by his Mother and Father, who taught him how to read, write, talk, and even taught him a little on the history of his race. He was never asked to transform though, and understood only that the power of the Dragonstone he held was what allowed him to use said form. He was told he was only allowed to transform whenever truly necessary. For ten years, he and his parents lived a happy life, but alas, 'twas not meant to be. A group of brigands found the lone house as they traveled, and decided to loot it, knowing there would be little resistance. Wanting the least amount of resistance possible, they approached the bed where a happy couple slept, and slaughtered them without even allowing them to wake up. They ransacked the home, taking all that held any value. They took enough to be satisfied, and fled with the materials, completely missing a single room. Lutaro woke up the following morning to find his house empty, and his parents dead. Being at a very young age at the time, he quickly fled, to nowhere in particular, as he had no family or friends anymore.

For fifteen years, he roamed Ylisse with no home or family or friends to call his own. All he had was the Dragonstone his parents had given him, and the clothes on his back. He lived off of what was in nature: The food, the drinks, the companionship... even the entertainment. He passed by towns from time to time, but he never asked anyone for help, and everyone who saw him assumed him to be a boy of one the residents, never stopping him or asking him anything. After these long 15 years, however, he eventually ran into a young girl, about age 12.
... Or, that is to say, she ran into him.

This girl, rather than simply standing up and continuing on, helped the lonely boy up, and asked him who he was. He had very vague memories of the words he had remembered being taught to use when speaking, and replied a very soft, "Lu... tarrrro..." She managed to hold conversation with him, and she helped him with old words that were vague/lost to him. They learned each others' pasts, too. The girl, it turns out, had fled from her family when they refused to let her train to be a knight in the Shepherds of the time. He pondered, and she explained in great detail the workings of Ylisse, from the government, to the Lord, to the Shepherds, to the legends... in the day, he grew much admiration for them. She also offered him her Lucky blanket to hold for her, and one of her more gender-androgynous shirts, as his was getting very worn. In return, he explained to her his dragon heritage. It did not scare her... in fact, she was intrigued, even if his knowledge was very limited, and was very warm to him. They traveled a few days, Lutaro following the girl around as she fled, until the girl decided she wished to go home, having calmed down about everything and being so scared without her parents. She even offered to take her new friend with him, which he happily agreed to. However, on their trek home one night, a familiar couple of Brigands, by some twist of fate, ended up tripping over the both of them, as they had been sleeping on the ground. They were very callous to them, openly claiming how the two were going to be put to work as slaves, and held them both in their custody while doing it. Both begged and pleaded to be released. Lutaro, however, only wished for the girl to be freed. Did they oblige? No. In fact, as a mere act of spite, they held the girl, and stabbed her through the chest. Lutaro, in a blind rage, found the courage in him to use the Dragonstone against him, taking his form as a dragon. He shot heavy amounts of ice and sleet out of his mouth, essentially freezing them to death. Eventually being calmed and reverting back to his human form, he was appalled by what he had done, and fell to the corpses, his interest going to the corpse of his young friend. Naturally, he fled and his story ends there, right? Actually, no. He spends three days carrying the corpse around until one misunderstanding passerby believes Lutaro to be the murderer of the girl in his hands, and he is arrested, spending seven days in a cold jail cell. It is later shown, however, that the weapon used to kill the girl did not belong to the girl, and he was released, with his stone and the blanket.
He never met her family, and it plagues him to this day what they would think if they ever met him...

For fifteen more years, he traveled on and on until one day he heard a passerby talk of the Shepherds, a term which rang familiarity to the pained boy. He managed to approach the man and ask of the whereabouts of the Shepherds, the information of which was happily given to him. Now, present day, he has arrived at the site of the Shepherds, but he is too worried to approach. he needs only be noticed...
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Ah-ha! I've got it!
... "This is the end, friend!"
Ha ha! That's it! CHECKMATE!!!

... Wait.

... If you'd rather him already be a member of the Shepherds, or if something is wrong with my story somehow, or if anything needs to be changed, just let me know.

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