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    Gavin "Rhodey" Rhodes

    It was stunning that they had refused Rhodey's act of kindness. The girl gave off a really snobby attitude, which made Rhodey question the boy's personality as well. Not long after they immediately left the bakery. Well, to be precise the boy was more or less dragged off by the snobby girl. That left Rhodey there holding two passes to the concert tonight, and now he had nothing to do with them. He turned around and went back towards the ordering counter, laid the tickets on the counter, and looked at the girl who took his order. He figured someone with purple hair should be able to find somebody that would want the tickets.

    “If you know someone that likes a good concert tell them those passes can get ‘em in for free. The location is on the pass itself. It’ll even get them backstage if they ask.”

    After leaving the passes on the counter, he walked out of the bakery to finally head towards his job, but not before grabbing what was left of his second bear claw. Now that he was on the street he realized that it was getting really close to opening time at Broadway Music. He dashed through the crowded streets, making sure to finish his last bit of bear claw while running. Hopefully no one was waiting in front of the shop, well, chances are they weren't. Digital music had put a massive indention on CD sales, and now the most consistent customers purchased vinyl. Those customers rarely came early in the day; instead they often came in the afternoon during Shelly's shift, which left Rhodey several hours to do virtually nothing. Yep, all he did was open shop and deal with a customer occasionally. He could now see the sign that read Broadway Music of in the distance. He pushed through the last few people in his way, finally making his way to the front door. As he expected, no one was waiting. He unlocked the door and entered the building.

    Once inside he made his usual runs. First he turned on the radio, which caused music to play throughout the medium sized store. The station was a Pandora station mixing a solid blend of Glam, Prog, Alternative, Post-Hardcore, and pretty much any other type of rock and metal dating back from the late 60s to modern day music. It always comforted Rhodey to be in a place that he could relax, and anywhere music was playing he could do that. The song that was currently playing was Rock of Ages by Def Leppard, one of the best songs of the 80s, at least, Rhodey thought so. Now back to the matters at hand. After starting up the music he gave a look over the various CDs and Vinyl records, making sure that they were in the correct spot. Just about everyday he had to move around thirty CDs or Vinyl records, the mixture varied. Today wasn't any different. He labored through what he could only figure were thousands of albums, finally finishing his task. It didn't take him long, about thirty minutes or so, but if it wasn't someone as experienced as him it could probably take an hour or longer. The fact that it didn't take long did not, however, change task’s mundane nature. Now Rhodey was bored and in serious need of some form of entertainment. Luckily, he kept one of his less expensive guitars and a headphone amp at the shop for times such as these.

    He grabbed his guitar and amp, which he kept behind the counter. After he plugged the amp into the guitar and the headphones into the amp he played a few notes, quickly noticing how out of tune the guitar was. One thing he didn't stock at the shop was a digital tuner, which is device that makes it a billion times easier to tune an electric guitar. Rhodey was almost sent into depression at the thought he couldn't tune his guitar, and thus not play it. But wait, he remembered that he didn’t take his tuner out of his pants from last night (yes, he is wearing the same pants as the night before). He rummaged through his pockets finding the handy device. It was about the same size as the palm of his hand, not including the plug that connected to the guitar. First, he removed the amp, and then he followed it up by plugging in the tuner. Rhodey plucked on each string to get a general idea of how out of tune they were. Someone must have been messing with guitar, because they had managed to become seriously under tuned, bordering a double-dropped setup. That really bugged Rhodey, since it meant that someone was trying to play songs without his permission. Shrugging off his irritability, he started tuning his guitar back up to a single-dropped setup. The first couple of strings were going well, but then the tuner was going haywire. The lights on it were going up and down in a fast, rhythmic motion, and a strange beeping sound was coming from the device. Tuners don’t beat! Well, this one didn't normally, but it was now. That was followed up by something even more unusual. The tuner started to deform and stretch. It even started changing colors. Rhodey quickly unplugged the device, but it was still doing those strange things. By the time it was over it had morphed into a completely new looking object. It was some sort of cross-shaped device that had a screen, what appeared to be a card-swipe on its side, and a golden strap on top of it. The device was something he had never seen before and immediately he knew that he should look up on the computer what kind of device it was. He rushed over to the computer, which was sitting on the counter towards the front of the store, and within moments of searching on the computer something hit him straight between the eyes. The strike to his face knocked him out cold.
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