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    Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post
    It keeps with the evolution nicely, like, it doesn't just get bigger over time. It actually has changes to it's main body, changing stuff here and there, and I think that's how Fakes should evolve :D
    So, design wise it seems you got an awsome style, and reading those fun little facts shows that you really are putting alot of effort into making these guys!

    There's really nothing for you to improve on creatively, you seem to have that down. But I noticed that alot of them, like the grass one, seems to be drawn "scribbly". I have no idea if that's how you intended it to be though, but the lines have alot of bumps in them
    Thanks, I really enjoyed making the Ankylosaur line.
    When it comes to evolutions, the features that stay the same are usually just a few signs of maturity or features that are slightly enhanced in size and detail, if that at all.

    When it comes to getting the general shape of the Fakemon down, I think that's where I have the least trouble, but I wouldn't consider any of these Fakedex entries to have the best linework/cleanest look.
    I'm aiming to make the entries either tie into the Fakemon's abilities, attacks, capabilities and habits.

    Some of the bumps and some of the scribbles carried over from the sketches I made, and some of them are from not aiming for perfection when I lined over them in Photoshop.
    I might remake some of them with more accuracy, but for now consider anything I sprite to be the most 'official' of the artwork. (comparing Musdkal's hastily made artwork with its sprite, that'd be why)
    Old link to shelved Fakedex here.
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