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    Well, most of the Pokemon that are pretty similar have already been listed (Though I do say that Tangrowth and Lickylicky have the same build and are both kind of unnecessary) and a lot of evolutions look like cheap knockoffs of the first (Seel and Dewgong, Grimer and Muk -- though I still have a fondness for them as I do with most of the beginning generations), but what's really digging into me is how a lot of the newer Pokemon have a color VERY similar to their type.

    I know, there are quite a bit in the older generations, but now it is starting to appear more and more blazingly noticeable. Sure, the three new starters have somewhat of an excuse (They need to be crystal clear as to what type they are) but some of the other Pokemon just have an uncreative color tagged to an uncreative form. Flabebe and Clauncher have their types written across their palette with seemingly hardly a thought put into them.
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