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    Hello Alexial357!
    I've been casually drawing for more than several years, but it has been a more of an off and on thing in terms of what I typically drew: tiny sketches of various animals/creatures in a crude, thick-line style.
    I do use Photoshop for these and I am using a tablet, however due to the feedback I'm getting I'd like to revamp the four I've done to see if I can clear up some of the mistakes I've made.

    Right now I'm working on Musdkal again, removing the really large bumps and using straighter, thinner, more consistent lines.
    I'll also play around with colors and shading a bit more on each of them.

    Any other advice you can give will be appreciated.

    Here's the new Musdkal, updated the first post.

    Now including an updated Mallank:

    I'd like to hear what you guys think to know if I'm going in the right direction with these edits.
    Old link to shelved Fakedex here.
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